Using Good Content from a Web Design Agency Los Angeles to Build High Traffic for Your Website on Google.

Staff Writer:  Greta Frusha

Date:  6.21.2012

SEO Los Angeles or search engine optimization is about getting a high volume of traffic to a website. The catch is that some traffic to a site is more valuable than other types of traffic.  It is the traffic that turns into conversions that become the most valuable to a website.

Conversions are visits that turn into return visits and generate links.  Google has started to put a larger emphasis on ‘visitor engagement’ of a website.  Now a web design agency Los Angeles needs to design web pages that not only bring in more traffic but hold the visitor’s interest as well.  High volume traffic with short visits might even be harmful to a website now.  In Los Angeles web design jobs have to focus more on interesting content to hold a visitor’s attention.  Web designers and businesses are surprised to find that quality content is the way to grab traffic and generate the valuable conversions!

Creating quality content can be the best investment a person can do for their website.  Spending time building links that come back to bad content is a waste of time.  Spending time to build a website around quality content can earn more in the long run.

Good content has been compared to a snowball that has been pushed down a hill.  As visitors find the website, the traffic builds because the content has enough interesting information to hold the visitors.  That starts the snowball rolling as those visits turn into conversions that generates more traffic.  The more attention the website gets, the higher the traffic that turns into even more conversions.

Search engines have a job to locate and discern which websites have the top notch, most useful content.  When a search query is typed in, search engines have to arrange millions of potentially relevant pages into a list to present to a visitor.  The search engine turns potentially relevant pages in to a short list with those pages that it judges best suits the search first.

The better the search engines are at locating quality content, the more those search engines are used.  The more that they are used, the more money they make.  So it behooves them to improve at locating quality content.

About 15 years ago, the search engine Google based websites on how many votes it had along with how many links on other pages they had to indicate relevance.  Links can be built artificially and Google had to find a way to sort the spoof links from the real links.  So Google has to find other ways to indicate quality content on a website.

Working with Google along with other search engines by providing quality content instead of trying to trick search engines with false links.  Google has started working on finding ways to weed out those sites that are based on artificial links.  So why try to fight going against the snow uphill when it makes more sense to provide what Google and other search engines are indicating as choices of relevant pages?

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