Using SEO in Your Business Blog to Bring the Best Results

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 9. 11. 2012


Before you start a blog for your own small business, you should be aware of ways that your blog can garner a wider reading audience. We’re not just talking about writing great, well-written content every week; you can also use Los Angeles search engine optimization to optimize your blog posts and bring the maximum amount of traffic possible. Here are several tips to guide you into optimizing your blogs properly.

Firstly, you should know that each blog post should be optimized on its own, just like a web page. Even if you have twenty blog posts on a single page, each blog post should be optimized with SEO Los Angeles as if it were its own page. With that in mind, each blog should be optimized for search engines.

Here are several more nitty-gritty tips in effectively adding SEO to your blogs:

For one, it’s ideal for each blog post to be optimized around a single keyword. This keyword should also be in your title. In the case of anchor text, anywhere from one to three anchor texts are ideal within the blog posts. These links should be natural and link to internal pages in your website. These types of links are among the most important factors in your search engine rank.

Whatever you do, don’t stuff your blog entries with as many keywords as possible. Readers and Googlebots alike will see straight through your intentions. Readers will be turned off by the apparent self-promotion, and Google crawlers will penalize your for keyword stuffing.

Using tags and subheads containing your keyword also helps. Googlebots will create an index of your pages using your tags, so it’s important to make sure they’re correct. Social bookmarkers will make it even easier for tagging your blog entry. Also, if readers like your post, the social bookmarkers will enable them to share it with other users.

Each blog should fit in one clearly definable category, and this category should be of at least some level of interest to your audience. The category in particular should also be keyword-related, making your blog posts exceedingly more search engine-friendly.

Use a signature that also contains an internal-page keyword. To emphasize certain keywords, use italics or bold. With all keywords and links you put in your blogs, you must remember to make them natural and organic. In your signature, you can even include a brief call to action, such as “Check out [Keyword Here] and join the conversation.”

Ping the directories and make sure to include tags with your relevant keyword. There are many blog directories, and a ping per blog entry lets the community know that you’ve updated you blog. Depending on the web design platform you use, such as WordPress, a ping may automatically be sent to the blog directories of your choosing. Ping-o-matic is a service that also allows you to ping for free.

Optimizing each blog entry with SEO techniques will help infinitely in bringing much more traffic to your site. For additional help or assistance, contact an SEO company Los Angeles.

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