Using Social Media in Sports Marketing Los Angeles

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 6.17.2012


Sports marketing Los Angeles professionals recognize the need to keep up with the latest trends and buzzwords emerging in the marketing business. One such buzz word is “social business.” As opposed to an anti-social business, you ask? Well, not exactly. So what makes for a social business? The answer has been met with a bit of controversy, as it seems no one marketing consultant Los Angeles seem to agree on one definition.

One definition claims that a social business is one that is transparent and engaged with the consumer. A social business understands social human behavior. Being a social business is about more than simply using social media and tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others.

Indeed, the definition of a social business is more exhaustive. The social aspect of it is no small part of it; there is no one social strategist or small social team relegated in a social business. The business operates in an entirely social manner, and includes in its culture consumer integration and participation. The social aspect changes the way the business runs in its entirety.

A social business, such as search engine marketing Orange County California, encourages its employees to have open communication with customers. While the point of marketing is to reach out to people in the attempt to get more customers, the point of customer service is, in a sense, to reduce call volume and satisfy as many customer concerns as possible. Instead of dividing marketers and customer service reps, social businesses bring these two departments together, creating a more holistic approach to consumer service.

So do you believe your business is a social business? You may want to check out this checklist and see if you’re truly a social business.

In terms of customer service, you are not a social business if you opt to leave your customers on hold when they call in. Also, sending “do not reply” email addresses to customers is definitely indicative of not being a social business. As a social business, you should encourage customers to contact you, so making it hard for your customer to find your phone number is not a good practice when you are orienting your business model around being social.

A social business also endorses a customer feedback program which helps product developers determine what customers really want. Your product developers should read over the summaries that come with the customer feedback and make changes and improvements in accordance to what customers want.

The marketers of a social business spend time with customers every week. Ask the marketers at your current company how many hours they spend with customers each week. If it’s little to none, then ramp it up to at least four hours a week. A social business should talk to customers in their own language, in layman’s terms.

As you can see from the checklist, a business doesn’t need to be deeply involved in social media in order to be deemed a social business. A social business simply needs to be more involved in customer interaction in a way that obliterates any red tape and customer avoidance. Indeed, your business can benefit greatly from being a social business.

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