Utilize SEO Specialist For Better Web Performance

Mandira Banerjea, Staff Writer

Date: 01-Sep-2010


One of the primary objectives of SEO specialist is to acquire top ranking for client site in search engines that is based on the location and frequency of keywords on a web page. Pages with the search terms appearing in the HTML title tag often assume greater relevance than others. SEO specialist also checks to see whether the search keywords appear on top of a web page like in the headline or within the description of a text.


They presume that any page relevant to the topic would specify those words right at the beginning. Keyword Frequency is the other major factor used by SEO practitioners to determine the relevancy of web pages. A search engine analyzes how frequently the keywords appear in relation to other words in a web page. Those displaying a higher frequency are often deemed more relevant.


Some guidelines suggested by SEO professionals are:


  1. Releasing content timely – As search engines penalize websites which acquire too many back links within a very short time, it becomes imperative for reputed search engines to ensure that the website owners have their personal time release program to forestall their site from being penalized.


  1. At the time of submitting the list of keywords, the search engines should locate forums, publishers and websites relevant to particular website content and keywords. This prevents untargeted back links as they have a bad influence on search engine optimization efforts.


  1. Web customers should avail of the reports circulated by search engines each time a new submission is added. In this manner, the website owners are aware of the links that have been created, their origin, number and other factors related to link building. This is a technique which guarantees that the content is beneficial and search engine friendly.


SEO specialist turns a website into an authoritative portal to ensure that Google trusts that particular website. This not only increases the website’s popularity but helps it to attain higher position in search ranking which automatically generates more traffic to the website. The role of SEO specialistis to improve the quality, quantity, clarity and value of readily accessed web content to enable the search engines to select worthy sites based on their proprietary relevancy indices. The appropriateness of ranking by search engines is determined by SEO specialisttechniques which create relevant topic oriented sites that provide accurate information in a clear and easy-to-access mode. Such method precludes usage of spam techniques which artificially inflates the perceived relevancy of poor quality sites.


It is a well-known fact that SEO specialist use diverse technologies and methodologies. From an ethical standpoint it is irrelevant whether one uses cloaking, doorway, hallway, site maps or shadow pages to optimize the site since the products are endorsing the code of ethics. Search engine acceptance depends on meeting such codes plus SEO standards, which should be unique and appropriate for each search engine.

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