Utilizing every Avenue of Search Engine Optimization from Pay Per Click Search Engines Listings to Techniques and Secrets for Keywords and Optimization.

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/20/2009


When focusing on Internet marketing the term search engine is typically something that pops in to the mind.  Search engine optimization is the campaigning to achieve rankings in the search engine.  It focuses on getting your website to the top positions in the search engine result listings.  This is achieved through a combination of search engine optimization techniques.  The simple submission of your website is not enough to rank high in the search engines.  Search engines are particular.  They like relevant content along with popularity to a website.  Your focus will be both.  To begin you will want to choose relevant keywords matching your product or service.  Your keywords should match the theme of your website as well.  Study and examine the popularity of the keywords which you chose and measure the keyword results. One simple way to discover the effectiveness of your keywords is through pay per click search engines campaigning.  Major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask have pay per click search engine campaigns in which a webmaster can purchase x amount of clicks for an x amount of cost.  The adverts are typically displayed in the right hand side of the search engine results along the top ten listings.  This is a great way to get your keywords wet.  If you run a pay per click campaign and achieve very few clicks over a month, you will know that your keywords are not effective.


Search engine listings will be a prime target in your campaigning.  Everything that is done will be done with the intention of high ranking in the search engine listings.  From the beginning design and construction of your website to the effective marketing you will begin to achieve your success.  This is all part of your strategic plan.


Search engines keywords are keywords that are used by both the Internet user and the webmaster.  The Internet user will use the search engine keywords to search for information or sites on the World Wide Web where as the webmaster will use search engine keywords to promote his web site. Effective placement of your keywords is mandatory.  The webmaster will position the keywords in the upper portion of the content of his website.  When marketing through SEO articles, you will also include your keywords in the title of the article and throughout the content of the body.


The Internet is the most cost effective advertising force in the world.  Where as in prior days the main source of advertising was through radio and television which could become outrageously expensive.  There is no other place in the world that you could reach the amount of people without being millions of dollars in debt.  This does not mean that you will reach an audience of billions but your will have the opportunity to do so.


Once you have created your beautifully designed website and have chosen and tested your keywords it is time to make use of the World Wide Web.


  • Begin with targeting your audience.  This helps you know who the best prospects for your product or service are.
  • start marketing.
  • set up blogs to develop a following
  •  start posting on any relevant forums.  Say you have a garden hose business you will want to start posting on Gardening forums.  There are many forums that specialize in products and services today and finding one to match the product or service that you are selling may be a relatively easy task.  Both the blog and the forums are something that you will need to keep updating.   Both are places of advertising that readers will ask questions or leave comments.  Updating is mandatory and following up to respond to your followers or postings.


  • Email campaigning is still one much chosen method of advertising by many marketers.  It is the original form of advertising on the Internet and still one of the most productive.  There are many sites that offer leads to the Internet marketer to help him in reaching his targeted audience on the market today.  There are also sites that will set up email marketing campaigning for you.  These sites will compose successful emails, set up auto responders and draw interested prospects in to you and your website.  .


  • banner advertising.  There are banners sites by the thousands and nearly every advertising site such as forums and social sites will allow the renting of space to promote through banners. This is a very effective way of gaining exposure to your site at a relatively inexpensive cost.  The banner will link to your site and when a prospect clicks on the banner they will be taken to your site.


With everything, you want variety on the Internet.  You will find that many people locate the same places.  This is where knowing Internet marketing techniques and the search engines come into effect.  The search engines will open your doors to billions of prospects provided they find your site through their World Wide Web searching.  The Internet marketing techniques will take you to a variety of places that will make you a novice Internet marketer.   Success takes knowledge and commitment.  Begin from step one and see it through till you reach your goal.  Do not settle into the circle of marketers but go after the world.  That is what the World Wide Web is and that is where so many businesses have become so successful.  The virtual world is now at your door step.  You must never dismiss the power of the World Wide Web or your power as a business owner.  This is where many marketer run an ordinary business compared to the extraordinary.  The world is the limit.

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