Creating and publishing a video on the internet is one method of internet marketing that can be quite effective when done right.

The best marketing videos are ones that give viewers a taste of the brand in a concise way, as well as create awareness for a new product, service or event. Such marketing videos are also sharable.

When creating a marketing video for your business, you’re really only limited to your imagination. Indeed, there are several uses that can be served with video content marketing.

  • Education. One common and effective use of video marketing is to educate. Let people know about products and services, including and product details, features and benefits. Let them know of any additional items or services they’ll receive upon their purchase, or any special discounts for first-time customers.
  • Answer consumer questions. Instead of transparently selling your wares, you can use video to answer any common questions from your targeted audience. Think about what you get asked most often by customers and make a list of at least five questions. A two to three minute video should be long enough to capture interest and short enough to not deviate from the main message.
  • Product review. If there’s a newly released product or service in your niche market, shoot a video review of it. The video review puts you at a distinct advantage if you want to show the actual product and how it works. Also provide some expertise and insight into your review so that viewers will trust your word.
  • Get subscribers. Use a video to also boost your client list. Encourage potential clients to give their name and email in exchange for a useful “freebie,” such as an ebook, newsletter, a free quote or assessment, or a tutorial video. Determine what you should give away based on what your consumer base considers most valuable. Don’t hold back your greatest assests, as any competent customer will know you’re holding back.
  • Case study. You can also use a video to create awareness around a particular case study. If you’ve had recent success with a client, don’t be shy and announce it. But be sure to be accurate. Tell your viewers what you were able to do for that client and how you can do the same for them. You can also tell the story of a “negative” case study, which shows how a client failed to follow your advice and failed as a result.
  • Tell a story. Well-told stories are compelling, and using video to tell a story can add visual flair to your message. Be sure an important take-away is embedded into your story. You can also tell the story of your company and how it overcame hardships to become successful.
  • Reveal yourself. Create a video about you “pulling the curtains,” so to speak, on yourself and your business. Give your viewers a behind the scenes look at your business as well as yourself. You can even use footage of yourself outside your office and even with your family. Show your viewers the things and people you care about. Also tell a few secrets about how you do business and give people valuable business tips.

These ideas are just a few of the things you can do with video marketing. You SEO professional at Sticky Web Media may recommend a video campaign for your website and inspire you with video ideas.