Video SEO Los Angeles Companies Discuss if Google’s Changes Are an Omen for Future SEO

Staff Writer: Brjden Crewe

Date: 8.31.2012


Thanks to Google, we’ve all been enjoying the free, effective and useful services of Google. Old school marketing techniques have been decreasing for those who have found success with SEO because of this. But something may be coming, where we’re all be surprised by the outcome.

Recently, Google announced that their Google Shopping will require payment in order to participate starting here in the U.S. and then expanding. Before recently, Google search was identical to the everyday engine we were always used to. There wasn’t a cost associated with being at the top of the rankings. But this fall, Google expects people and businesses to pay to purchase AdWords which are pay-per-click ads that are shown with brand images when someone searches for similar content on websites or video SEO Los Angeles.

The payment will depend on preset bids set in your Google account from different choices. Although suggested bids start at a $1 minimum per phone call, costs will depend on a constantly changing set of factors even though your bids are secret. The strength of keywords can raise the price of the bid to $5 per click and if you multiply that by the amount of keywords you could possible need for your preferred customers, as well as the amount of products, you’re probably going to spend a pretty penny.

Free search rankings relied solely on content quality, web design firm Los Angeles companies, web page keyword strength and user/visitor popularity but now your AdWork ranking will be a result of the way Google determines the value of your advertising and the site’s meeting measurements influenced by the amount you paid.

You will also need to upload data feed in order to provide your product info to Google Shopping. The data feed is a spreadsheet with values which needs adapt to approved lists and formats of difficult parameters in order to qualify.

Many companies who uses e-commerce and have caught wind to these new systems Google put in place have a “Let’s see what happens” mentality and approach. But for those companies you sell tons of products on either eBay or Amazon, probably need not worry because both companies have top search rankings in Google Shopping having bought their keywords for many products. These companies also profit from the companies working through them with commission of each sale made. But even though many companies may rank high on Google’s free search platform, those days may be numbered unfortunately if these new regulations take effect soon.

But it all makes sense. Because Google has allowed us to get used to the free business, SEO training Los Angeles and success with their engine at their expense, they could possibly be planning to cash in and profit on the business success they’ve created with your business. Much like how businesses had to pay in the past with yellow pages, the days of having to pay for Google’s services may be among us as well. So stay tuned and make yourself informed with what’s next from the biggest search engine company in the world.

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