Using a video submission service stands as one of the most effective ways of distributing your video content and advertisements on the web. Video submission services distribute your videos throughout the internet and optimize them on various video portals.

Video submission is a recent trend in backlink-building and driving traffic to your website. It’s risen in popularity just recently, as sometimes video content can just be more helpful or engaging that written content. Savvy internet marketers have recently been taking advantage of all that video submission services has to offer.

The video you submit through these services can even be purely text-based, like a PowerPoint presentation, with the use of sound. You can use such videos to announce a product launch, describe products you currently have in stock, or any other informative content that is relevant to your business. Video submission

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the advantages of video submission:

  • Search engines love them. Major search engines such as Google generally put more weight in websites that contain relevant videos. When users perform a keyword search, the videos associated with that keyword commonly appear first in search engine rankings.
  • Videos help build more backlinks to your site.
  • One video will be submitted to several video outlets via a video submission service – which means more exposure.
  • You can post a link either in the video or in the video description, which can lead to great click-throughs if the video engages viewers enough.
  • More backlinks and higher search engine rankings as a result of video submission services means getting more traffic to your website… and that means bigger profits.

Before you can submit a video to a video submission service, of course, you have to create a video if you don’t already have one. Fortunately for you, creating a video can be a relatively easy and quick process. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy – you can simply film a PowerPoint presentation while recording your voice over it. That said, the content of the video must also be interesting and engaging enough to get users to click through to your website.

Your videos should also be informative. For instance, you can use a video to walk users through the process of purchasing a product. You can also include yourself in-person in the video, showing users how to operate your product. When you put yourself, flesh and blood, in your videos, it adds more of a personal touch and an intimacy that allows viewers to trust you.

There are several video submission outlets that allow you to submit a video for free, such as Youtube, Google Video, Vimeo and AOL Video. Many of these video submission services require that you register or create an account before you can upload videos. These sites will also guide you through the steps of uploading, assigning keywords to your videos and categorizing them.

Video submission services can help you spread your idea faster around the Internet, and thus give you exposure and credibility. Let the SEO professionals at Sticky Web Media help you get your video content published and distributed aptly.