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Forum posts are of various types and are the platform for announcing latest news. People can interact with new friends, introduce themselves, welcome the new comers and celebrate birthday events as well as other special dates for exchanging greetings. It is a terrific platform for individuals or groups for conducting interactive sessions. Suggestions and feed-backs are requested from forum users in order to make the meeting ground better and more dynamic. Most of the emergent companies operating in the growing markets have certain niches and special attributes. They participate in forums to express their views in their recent posts in order to feel the pulse of the market. Those interested in creating winning portfolios, need not read any brokerage report or wait for FII recommendation to indulge into stock market speculation. They can depend on the solid organizational views and ideas before purchasing valuable stocks. The potential buyer can also evaluate the organization’s performance based on its cash flow.


Forum posts make it easier to compare one’s individual business performance with other competitors in the market. Views in the forum are created by referencing tables and other databases. Also the forum members can opine their views. Business support forums and customer forums are used as an interactive platform where consumers express their opinion about a product. If there are complaints regarding any product or service, the company professionals offer advice or may change the product or improve their services. Such exchanges are conveyed through forum posts where the consumers are in direct contact with the manufacturers or organizational representatives. Similarly, the educational forums dealing with distance education create forum posts for their students where exchange of knowledge takes place between the academicians and students.


Usually, there are four sections within a forum setting and they are categorized as :

  • General
  • Grade
  • Post threshold for blocking
  • Common module setting


The forum types are categorized under four groups :

    1. A single simple discussion forum – Where single topics are discussed and developed on one page that is useful for brief and focused discussion.
    2. Standard forum for general use – This is an open forum where everyone is at liberty to start a new topic of discussion.
    3. Each individual can post one discussion – In such types of forum, each person can post one topic for discussion. For instance, anyone can discuss about their reflections on the week’s topics while other members could respond to the topic of discussion.
    4. Q & A – In these forums, participants can post a question in the initial discussion phase instead of beginning a discourse on the topic. Other participants could respond with an answer but the replies are blocked until the member who has raised the question has replied to the text.


To add a forum post, the user has to click on “turn editing on” and view the topic of the week and reply on any subject the user is interested in for initiating a forum. The dropdown menu is labeled as “Add an activity” where the section on “Forum” has to be selected. This would display to the user the forum setting page entitled “Adding a new forum”. Where a forum post already exists, using the button “Update this forum” would reveal the forum’s setting page. The standard module, HTML editor tool bar, is commonly used for introducing a forum post.

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