Web Design goes Hand-In-Hand with CA SEO

Staff Writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 7.13.2012



School is where everyone could be taught a basic education.  As kindergarteners, the ABC’s were recited, sung, and memorized.  First grade brought along more books to read with fewer pictures and more words.  Second grade taught about dinosaurs and grammar.  In third grade, students learned about long division and multiplication.  With each passing year, more information from textbooks and smart teachers were put in to the young minds of students.


Middle school and high school came and went. As those school days wore on, each student gravitated towards a certain area that they were interested in and that they were good at.  Specifically in high school, students would take more classes in that subject matter.  When college was right around the corner, students started looking at majors and which colleges best taught those majors.  In college, a basic education would be expanded on and taken in depth.  It would be an important decision.


Some students found their forte to be in computers.  This could lead to a variety of majors dealing with computers.  Someone interested in this area could end up with many sorts of jobs like selling computers, fixing computers, writing manuals for computer technology, creating software, or designing websites.  Any one of these could be of interest.  For a student who likes both design and computers, web design could be the way to go.  For this a sufficient web design schools in Los Angeles would be ideal to study in that major.


In college, many students change majors.  For a college student in web design, this major could be expanded on rather than completely changed.  Web design goes hand in hand with marketing techniques.  If you can design a website, you can design other marketing mediums.  Web design is all about making a website look appealing and easy to navigate.  These two concepts are used in other areas of marketing.


One of these other areas of marketing is SEO.  SEO stands for search engine optimization.  Simply put, it is a form of internet marketing that requires uniqueness, simplicity, and a few computer skills that a computer major would have.  CA SEO offers several services one of which is creating links of multiple pages that lead to a specific business’s site.  The more ways that there are to get to a site, the more customers will be able to access the site and make purchases; therefore, SEO makes a site more marketable.


SEO in Los Angeles CA will sometimes create its own websites to make the links back to the business’s website.  This is when having a web designer comes in handy.  A web designer will make SEO look better and, consequently, more effective.


When you are interested in something you want to learn about as much of it as possible.  Web design is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to marketing.  From there, a student can branch out in to the area of marketing and take on a variety of different jobs, including a SEO company.

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