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Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer,

Together with the explosion of online businesses which offer their products and services is also the flourishing of search engine optimization tactics that give you the promise of a significant web hit. The stiff competition online triggers website owners to search for dynamic and creative ways to dominate their competitors. There are a million websites competing for just one product or service. It is indeed impossible for one site to succeed in taking in clicks without doing anything to promote its trade. Web hit traffic is now anchored on the most important aspect of search engine optimization which are known as backlinks.

Backlinks help build your online business. Most backlinks are found in articles and indexes which help visitors to be directed exactly to your pages. Most search engine optimization techniques are founded on this same purpose. However, they just differ in terms of processes they involve. Article submission; for instance, require you to have unique, informative and interesting articles before they can be accepted by article directories. A web hit is generated every time somebody reads along your articles.

What are backlinks? People cannot use a method even knowing their nature and what are they capable of doing. Backlinks are bridges which keep track of other sites or pages on the web that can be linked to your posts. This happens when writer A posts a blog which writer B was able to read and find it interesting. Writer B, who is now inspired by writer A’s ideas on the blog, now writes his own blog which he later on post on the site of his choice which is also linked back to the original article written by writer A. Automatically, the post made by writer A will reflect that writer B has made a link to it. The former will then provide a short snippet with his text and a clear link to the latter’s post.

Generally, backlinks are links of a website to other websites and are reflections that the website with the most number of backlinks is considered important or popular. This is because the backlinks are indication that more and more people are finding significance about the content of your site. Web hit traffic automatically comes with every backlink. Backlinks are important to your website because search engines give importance to website with good number of backlinks. Furthermore, these backlinks will reveal how efficient is your site in answering questions and in providing information to surfers. Search engines will place you on higher rankings as a reward. Backlinks are also vivid means for people to find your website. Success does not come to those who do not advertise their website. Promoting your trade by going out to the world and introducing your website through backlinks will intensify your chances to earn more web hits. Quality and natural backlinks are backbones to maximized search engine optimization scheme.

There are two types of backlinks which you should be aware of because their functions are distinct to your goal. The first type of backlink which is expected to bring web hit traffic to your site is the external backlink. These backlinks show the search engines which pages from your site are found by other people as significant. Links that are pointing to specific pages on your site are called deep links. These links will attract people to scour your inner pages. The second type of backlink is called the internal backlink which is highly counted on page rankings by the search engines. This can be proven when most of your web pages are indexed.

Search engines are very critical when keeping track of your backlinks. They prioritize natural links that were built through other’s researches on your site. This is because it is not difficult to manipulate the existence of backlinks into your site. However, search engines are so critical about external backlinks from other sites. When inbound links to your website are created naturally because you have relevant content, search engines will be impressed and will consider you as a top rank option more than your competitors.

You can have an idea of how much traffic is your website earning through backlinks with the use of a web hit counter. As you sign up of a click counter program, you will be provided with HTML or Java Script code to be provided in your website. When a visitor comes into your web page, the code will automatically send the message to the counter which will then store the data about the visit. The web hit counter will analyze the data and put it in your database. This will help you keep track off the quantity and quality of the visits you gain.

It is high time you realize how important it is to keep track of your acquired visits and know which among them can be converted into revenues. Recently, search engines have innovated their system and criteria in evaluating your backlinks that everything no longer comes as easy as it used to be in page ranking. The best thing for you to do is to provide articles and content that will catch the interest of other people and will entice them to make posts which lead web hits back to your pages.

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