Web Links are Usually Presented in the Internet Explorer Window

STAFF WRITER:  Mary Jimenez a.k.a Mary Mussette 09/19/2009

A web link is a door way embedded inside a web site or a web page.  This link will allow you to visit and open the access to a new page or to another part of the same web site that you are visiting.  Other types of web links, those that will open an email new message and those will lead you to pre set forms such as inquiries and contacts and even ordering forms should also be considered.


Internet links that are intended to guide you and take you to a new place or a new web site can open in a new Internet explorer window, a new tab or in the same one that you are viewing in the current web page or web site.  This is something that is annoying for many and that could be complicated if the computer that is being used for the viewing of the web site or the web page is working on an old OS; therefore it is a general thought that all web links are to be opened in the same window or tab.


There is another form of links that are not embedded inside the web sites or the web pages, these are the links that are available to use on the internet explorer tool bars.  These internet explorer links will provide the surfer with a instant connection to areas or web sites that have either been developed by the company that sponsors the tool bar or by those web sites that have paid for the internet marketing service to the companies that sponsor the tool bar.


These internet explorer links are also considered web links since they are direct connections to specific areas of the internet; though they are usually focused on providing entertainment and leisure and are not devoted to information and culture.  Of course there are web links and internet explorer links that are devoted to information, culture, education and shopping being this last goal the biggest one of all the web links that are sponsored by commercial and non profit organizations.


Almost every internet explorer link is available regardless the type of explorer that you are using though some might be rejected by the type and programming of the internet explorer, this happens mostly with freeware such as linux, mozilla and sometimes even opera.  This is the reason why so many web site masters and owners when faced with the possibility of marketing their web sites through the sponsoring of those companies that create and maintain tool bars and internet explorer links prefer to market their web sites in a different manner.


One of the most generally and commonly used manners to market a web site is to use web links that are then posted and embedded in different blogs, forums and other places.   People are then enticed to click on them and if they are web site owners and designers of their own they will be enticed to embed their own sites and pages with the proper link.


As a web site owner or designer it is important that you consider such actions and that you can provide surfers and visitors with linking buttons and banners that will be attractive enough and that are noticeable in any background.  As a general rule and regardless of the decorative style there are two general backgrounds that are used in all web site creations:  White and Dark.


Consequently, you need and should create internet links buttons and banners that are noticeable in each one of the backgrounds, one that is noticeable in white or light colors and one that is noticeable in dark or black colors.


In addition, keeping your linking buttons trendy is another item that you will need to make sure, so make or keep on deleting and truing to enhance the linking buttons and banners that you are offering your visitors, friends and clients keeping in mind that the new technology makes the buttons and banners more attractive.


Web links that are generated through buttons and banners are usually more attractive that the simple use of text, though special and festive typography can be used to enhance a simple text link.  However, when you create the button or the banner these cannot be embedded in the text and should be presented and showcased in at least two different sizes each.


Creating and generating a graphic internet link in the shape of a button or a banner is not a difficult thing, there are many ways to approach this task and for the neophyte web master or designer, there are many web sites that are focused on providing them with the necessary knowledge.  In general, the buttons will require two images, one that will be on display as the web page where the button to be located loads and another image that will appear as the cursors hovers over the displayed image.


The banner can work in a static setting or it can be animated.  For animated banners there are many online web sites that offer free services and free banner creations on preformatted banners that can be used so that the neophyte and the new web business owner will not have to invest on specialized graphic design.


When you are the one that is to be setting up web links and internet links on your web site and web pages, keep in mind the same considerations, if you are using a text link, which is the simplest form of web links available.  Then all you need to do is decide if you will be using fancy typography as well as the colors in which the text will change when it is displayed, hovered over and once it has already been visited.


The other alternative is to seek for the web links buttons and/or banners that the web site that you want to embed in your own site has.  If there is none, then you can simply take the image that serves to this web site as a reference and create your own link.  Whatever you decide to do, remember to keep a close watch on the web links that you are embedding on your web site so that they are working properly and you are not faced with a different content of what you were supposed to get  or see an “404 error” instead of an expected web site.



There are a couple of things that you need to consider and remember always in html code, which is the programming language that you will be using when creating your website and embedding things, even if you are using the web site hosting’s online web site creator.


All HTML code tags have to start with “<” and end with “>”; there will be an opening commend and a closing command; in between these two commands there will either be a word, phrase or image that will be used as the “identity term” meaning that this will be the recipient of the HTML command.


So, if you are going to create a hyper link, your opening command in HTML language will be: <a href=url>; in this command, the word “a” and the word “href” are standards and should not be changed.  The world “url” in this case should be replaced with the corresponding address, for instance: http://www.amazon.com


The closing command is </a> there is no need to add or enhance the closing command, though it is indeed important not to forget it otherwise there will be serious issues with the functioning of both the hyper link and the web page.

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