Web Marketing Search Engine Optimization When You Can’t Use Keywords

Staff Writer: Jessica Ross

Date: 7.17.2012



When creating keyword phrases for your website the first ones you typically pick describe the product or service provided.  Sometimes you run into the issue of coming across some phrases you would like to not use or must avoid using.  How do you avoid using these phrases?



One example of this is the word “cheap.”  While this word might match the cost of your product or service, it may also project a “cheap” company that might go under at any moment.  The words you want associated with your product and/or service are “inexpensive” and “affordable.”  Though when people are searching, they usually forget that those words also mean “cheap.”



When searching, keywords need to match the website’s content.  Most consumers do not realize this and so their search results do not pick up what they’re looking for.  So how do you get your site to show up with the less than desirable keywords?   In your copy, write something like, “Inexpensive? Affordable? Certainly, our product is anything but cheap!…”  That way, you have used “cheap” but it is not dragging down your product’s quality.



Legalities could interfere with using certain keywords.  Quite a few keywords can violate government regulations, if used descriptively.  Health supplements are a big example.  The FDA has created a list of what web marketing search engine optimization keywords can and cannot be used.  The list is implemented to protect the consumer from frauds and their products.  “Remedy” and “cure” are words you cannot legally use to describe your product.



One way to use these keywords and stay safe it to ask questions that include them, “Is your Arthritis too much?” Need a new remedy to ease your pain?”  Writing this way you aren’t claiming your product will cure them or be the remedy.  These questions are just asking about what the person wants or needs.  However, you should always clear your use of those keywords with an attorney to avoid any law-breaking.



When writing your keywords into your copy writing you will want to make them sound as natural as possible.  Just plugging them in downgrades the quality of your copy.  The keywords should enhance your copy writing.  The best way to is to write out your copy and read it aloud to yourself.  Does it read how you would speak to someone?  It should read as though you were talking to a person about the product, not a stiff rambling.  There should not be so many keywords that it’s a block of keywords, but not so devoid to miss the point.



If you use cheap search engine optimization methods and continue to use the same keyword phrases over and over again, you could be hindering your website from excelling.  Tunnel vision is easy to get when continuously having to think up keyword phrases to use.  There are many different methods, like the ones above, to help you break free of using the same keyword phrases over and over again.  Expanding your skill as a search engine optimization writer will help copy writing become more natural and you’ll be able to share your message with more ease.


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