Web Page Ranking For Search Engine Placement

Mandira Banerjea, Staff Writer

Date: 01-Sep-2010


Web page ranking is a phased approach that ascertains a site’s first page position in search engines. As the information network is getting increasingly congested, attaining top placement in search engine is becoming more competitive. To attain the objective of first page ranking it is imperative for the website to acquire visibility in search engines. Pay-per-click or paid advertising is a step in this direction as ads are viewed to ensure traffic to a website.


Web page ranking procedures enhance the role of a search engine friendly site. Before a site owner puts effort into optimizing the website pages, it would be more prudent if they assess how friendly the website architecture and hosting services are. The website Audit Tool uncovers the potential obstacles in the path of high ranking of any site. The tool also provides the site owner an initial search marketing plan which enables them to tap the niche market zone. To improve any site’s search engine organic ranking, developing a search engine friendly site is mandatory, which attract “spiders” to “crawl” the sites.


Studies have revealed that website’s ranking in the top three have a significant advantage over those ranking lower in search engine results page. However, achieving the coveted position of first ranking is a long term process but optimization techniques make it easier and quicker when the website is search engine friendly. However, along with a search engine friendly site the content should be relevant and have authentic links.


One of the most effective modes of generating more traffic to any site is by creating back links. These back links from relevant sites boosts the client’s page rank while ensuring that their web pages obtain a particular place and top ranking when Google searches for that specific keyword. It is true that getting a web page ranked in Google for one primary search term is a real challenge as those keywords are normally out of range of most marketers in respect to time and money resources. So the best possible alternative to increase search results and rank the product in a particular niche is to select secondary keywords that trigger a lot of searches. Once the suitable keyword with good search volume having minimal competition and a web page has been designed, the advertisers can begin creating back links to that page using several resources. These back links should normally be from high traffic sites.


Social media networking has introduced a whole new dimension to increase organic search engine ranking. This appears to be closely related to increased exposure and visibility in other segments of the Internet. The greater the impact of the website the visibility correspondingly increases as well while the web audience visiting the site also grows. Greater traffic implies greater visibility and more links which help in the organic ranking of the website.


The Internet marketing plan is a part of the over all business strategy of an organization and web page ranking helps the site to get there by developing the techniques which lead to search marketing success. The on-line strategies and search marketing plans, when implemented accurately, optimizes a site and automatically boosts guaranteed placement. To attain this stage, it includes in-depth knowledge about keywords, Meta tags and the basics of building search engine friendly site.


There are various ways to market a website on the Internet and web page ranking ensures that the site is not only user friendly but can also generate revenue. It provides guidelines on how to toe the line between the search engine’s requirements and what is pleasing to the user community at large.

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