Web Site Banners Flash-Design Tips

Creating a web banners flash calls for great creativity and uniqueness. However creating one is fast and easy, all you need is the below tips to help you come out with something perfect, has a look at them:

Catchy punch line

Coming up or rather designing a web banner is not just about the basic design alone, it has to have a catchy punch line which will arouse the interest of the viewers and basically entice them to click on the banner. That is what a catchy punch line means, simply a catchy phrase.

Good copy

A successful website banner flash basically needs an excellent copy. Think of something that will interest the surfer quite well, make sure that the text matching the banner is short, something will interest the viewer. Basically, it should be informative and practical, something that the viewers can try it out by their own. Preferably, the copy should end with the same catchy phrase as on your site unless the banner punch line appears to be same, then you can consider changing it.

Provide Relevant Content in Your Banner Flash

You should never forget that using a flash banner might not gain fruitful results since majority of your viewers, don’t have flash installed on their systems, therefore you should be careful at ensuring that the pictures displayed in the banner flash are relevant to the services you are offering in your site. Make sure that you entice your possible viewers the much you can.

Go For Something That Will Never Die!

Many adverts on the net prefer using the word free, though it has been overused but it till works. Similarly, on a web banner flash don’t forget to include the word free, because it will probably provide an incentive to your viewers whenever they click on the banner flash. One important thing that you should never fail to do is to make sure that you provide what you promise in the banner, this will call in for more viewers and apparently great interest from them. Point it out immediately on your site, it should be the first thing that catches the viewer’s eye, or else the visitor ends up clicking back because he found nothing interesting and of importance. It might mean negative publicity all the same.

Include A Logo And Website URL In Banners Flash

If your major aim for coming with a banner flash is for a brand building exercise, then it is advisable to include both the logo and the web address in the banner. you might choose to include two or more, but make sure that it doesn’t overrule the punch line or the copy itself, in such a case, make sure that you put both of them either in the left or right side of the banner, make them small as you can. This will bring out the best website banner flash for you.

Cliché Work

Statistics show that the most used word in a web banner flash is ‘click here’. the word should be used or rather displayed long enough, preferable 2-3 seconds in the last frame of an animated banner flash, this is very much important.

Web Banner Flash Size

Watch on the size of the banner flash. The ideal size is 10 kb or less, in fact the lesser the better. This is because banners flash is usually displayed at the top of web pages, since they are meant to catch the viewer’s eye.

However reducing the size might lead to tradeoffs especially in animations together with the number of colors used especially in animated gif banners.

Blue Underlined Text

Most if not all web surfers understand blue underlined texts as links, therefore if you know that the web banner flash will be displayed on a web page with white background, then the banner should appear  with blue underlined text, written in common fonts and preferably not anti-liased.

Does It Trick The Surfer?

Whatever is in the banner flash should be working, and not just a way into tricking the viewer’s eye. for instance, the banner might appear to be appear to be having such elements a s radio buttons, submit button and the drop down menu yet they all don’t work, this will just be tricking the viewers which is not interesting at all.

HTML for example form fields are a good way to inform viewers what they should expect from the banner flash, whenever they get time to click it and probably have a look at it. It is only important to ensure that the URL complements the banner information to avoid confusion.

Single or Several Banners Flash For A Single Ad Campaign

Unless you undertake a thorough research on your audience choice and preferences, then you will realize that a single banner for an advert won’t work at all. It is important that you come up with several banners, say 6-10 banners. Keep rotating them and at the end of it all you will know the one which has the largest number of click-thru rates from the viewers. From this, you will be in opposition to evaluate whether you came out perfectly right or you if you need to re-strategize.

Remember that each and every viewer will go for quality rather than the design, though quality goes in handy with the design but it will still be the quality that will matter to the viewers. Make sure that you give enough information on the quality of the banner flash, expound on it and make the viewers believe that what you are telling them is true; you will be amazed to realize how many click-thrus you will have in a day, absolutely amazing.

Remember that flash has thrown open a new area in web banner. Flash animations are smoother than the animated gifs and the files are a lot smaller, something that works well for banners.

Flash banners are basically interactive to the visitor directly; they generate higher click-thrus than animated gifs. This is practically the topmost benefit of web banners flash.  It has its drawbacks of course but never forget that your target is to increase the click-thrus within each passing day.

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