Web Site Links and the Best Internet Sites can open in Different Windows on in the Same

STAFF WRITER:  Mary Jimenez a.k.a Mary Mussette 09/19/2009

focused on providing you with excitement and a personal sense of self is not difficult and it will not take endless hours and time from the rest of your life or work.  However, it is important that you plan ahead of time and that you have the most accurate idea possible of what it is that you want to achieve and how do you intend to achieve it before committing to it in a manner and way that will cause chaos, time consuming efforts and frustration.


From the selection of the graphic works that you will use in your web site to the way you will market and make your web site known to the rest of the world, you should have an idea of what it is that you want to create and how it should look once it has been done.  Among the things that you need to consider when creating the web site and planning the sketch are the  web sites links that you will be embedding on it.


Web site links are doorways that are embedded in the text or added to the general web site or on each web page that will lead the surfer to different web sites as well as to the rest of the web pages inside your web site, it might sound tricky, but it is not.  Any web site is comprised by at least one web page, though the basic generality is of two web pages, one that will contain all the information that is to be displayed and another with referrals, testimonials and contact forms.


However, a web site that is comprised by only two web pages is rare, most people have web sites that comprise anywhere from 5 to 50 web pages according to the type of web site, what it is that they want to accomplish and whether the web site is commercial or personal.  Consider a web site that is comprised by 3 web pages in this case, there is the need for a link that will connect page 1 with page 2 and another that will connect page 1 with page 3.  Just the same, there is the need to connect pages 2 and 3 together, so in total we have the need for four links that will connect the entire web site.


It might sound complicated but it is not once you have “mastered” or at least know and understand how to use and create HTML commands. Of course, there are people who have studied this for quite sometime but for the web master who is only interested in creating a personal site, using HTML is limited to a specific number of commands.  One of these commands is the linking command; an opening order and a closing one constitute this HTML command.


These HTML commands to link one page to another are used both in the linking of the pages inside a web site as well as to link web sites between each other.  It is important to remember:


1: All HTML commands have an opening and a closing order

2: Both commands HAVE to be typed or used

3: The words, phrases or images between the commands are the recipients of the action that is being ordered.


Let’s say that you are going to link a page with the following url: http://www.modernguy.com/index


The opening command for the linking is <a href=url> and the closing is </a>; in this case we will be using the middle word “buy for xmas” to link them all together.


So the end result will be:


<a href=http://www.modernguy.com>buy for xmas</a> this result will show up in the end page, the one that the surfer sees as: buy for xmas



These links are inside links, now, according to the type of web site that you are developing it might be a good idea that these internet links open in a different window or tab.  This means that when the surfer clicks on the link that connects pages 1 and 2 each one will open for the surfer in a different window of the internet explorer that he or she is using or it can open in a different tab.  Internet explorer programs such as Mozilla, Acoo and Opera work with tabs, so there can be several tabs open without having to have several internet explorer windows open, this will ease the work of the word processor and the RAM memory on the computer, but that is too technical.


In terms of web site links, opening the links in a different tab or window will allow the surfer to compare notes or to review what he or she has read and apply it on the new window or tab.


In some cases this is not recommended and you should avoid it, while in other occasions it is a good idea to allow your visitors and clients to review and compare.  Nonetheless, the best way for anyone to decide the type and way that a internet links open up is to take a moment or two and decide according to the type and ends that the web site and web pages have.


For example, a web site master or owner who is determined to have the best possible web site and create the best  web sites links might decide that the links that are internal should open in the same window or tab.  Meanwhile, the best internet links that are embedded into his or her web site would open in a different window or tab.  While some might consider this a poor alternative and a bad choice in terms of what a website should look and how web site links should behave, there is nothing written and nothing is determined by the generality, this has been one of the wonders and attractive of the internet since it began.


As always, you will need to make sure that the  web sites links that you are embedding in your web site and in every web page are the most adequate ones for what you want to project and your web site to be.  If you want to make a family friendly web site, regardless if it is commercial or personal, then you need to reject in a firm and determined manner all  web sites links that are related to places that offer adult entertainment or that could be morally reprehensive.


The same applies in the opposite direction, if you are touching an adult subject, there is no room for you to select family friendly links in any other manner than as information or to analyze their content according to the point that you are trying to make. The best internet links according to you might be varied and in most times they will be related to a vast diversity meaning that they can have adult sites as well as family oriented ones. It is important that you take the time to decide what it is that you intend to accomplish with your web site before you start building it.


Web sites that hold as their best internet links recommendations sites that are of adult entertainment when the web site that embedded them stipulates that it is a family oriented site will quickly be banned and hacked by internet surfers that seek to keep their children safe.

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