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Website hits are knowing your advertising efforts are paying off.  Obviously, every marketer wants to achieve the maximum amount of website hits possible.  And, with search engine optimization making this happen is easier than ever.  Search engine optimization has saved the marketer needless hours with few to no results and has achieved high rankings in the search engines for many.  Acquiring the knowledge to optimize is necessary on the World Wide Web today as competition is great and getting and staying at the top means your success.  Most marketers realize the power of being at the top of the search engines as your site could literally be viewed by millions resulting in an outcome you may not have even dreamed of.


Search engine optimization will begin with either constructing or optimizing your website.  This will be with the most effective design and the most effective content.  You will chose keywords that best fit the theme of your product and include them in the content.  Keywords must be studied to know what will be the most effective for your product or business.  You are promoting your site to be search engine friendly through the design, content and keywords.  .This will mean the difference of your success through search engine optimization advertising.


Going about your campaigning will vary.  You may choose a number of methods or one or two.  Increasing visitors or website hits are the objective along with increased sales volume. You may choose to begin with search engine optimization campaigning.  This would include article submissions or reviews and Pay Per Click.  With search engine optimization campaigning you are using your keywords to advertise with.  For example with article submissions you would write using your keywords in the content of the article thus when the keywords are searched your article would come up as relevant content.  The higher the article site is which you submitted through the higher you article will appear in the results.  This is a great way to build inbound links to your website.


Pay Per Click will be the purchase of “x” amount of clicks by using your keywords.  Suppose your keywords were “get help” than every time and World Wide Web user searched those keywords your site would come up to the right of the search engine results.  You would only pay for the advertising when a prospect clicks on your website.  This is a great way to receive interested web site prospects.  Every time someone clicks on your ad it is a buy hitto your website.


Every time your site receives a web hit you receive a vote of popularity in the search engines.  This can be either a new hitor unique hitor a returning hit.  Often prospects need to click on a site two or three times sometimes more before they decide to purchase.  But, each website hit will count.


Traffic exchanges are an excellent way to acquire website hits.  The marketer will need to spend a considerable amount of time viewing other webmasters websites but they will receive web or domain hits to their website.  A domain hit is simply the same as your url hits.  The address which the visitor views your web site.  Many marketers prefer to build squeeze pages when advertising in traffic exchanges.  This is an excellent way to have other marketers request information.  Suppose you build a squeeze page, you would receive a page hit every time someone views it, when they enter their information you would then send them the information and your site’s address or website.  If you are using the traffic exchange strictly to website hits you obviously will not build the squeeze page.  Traffic exchanges are a free hit or domain hitwhich you can acquire thousands of weekly depending on the amount of time you invest.


One website hit will not make you rich but many may.  And, they will help to push you to the top of the search engines opening your doors to the entire world.  You will want to keep record through a count hit to the number of site hits you receive with each campaign.  This will allow you to know what campaigns are effective and which are not.  Each campaign should have an ad tracker attached to your link so you will be able to measure its results.  To be able to count hitswill help you measure your success.


Safelists are another form of advertising among other marketers.  You will not be reaching the public but you will reach other marketers many of which may be interested in new opportunities.  There are many safelists that require the person click on the advertiser’s ad producing a site hit.  Each website hit is important as each calculates toward a vote in your search engine rankings.


Forum advertising is a great way to get a url hit or hits to your website as well.  With the forums it is important to stay up to day as members often post a question or comment to your posting.  Not checking back could mean your reputation.


Whatever methods you find the most productive to you are the methods that are best to go with.  It will take research and knowledge of the market.  Ask for advice and learn a bit about Internet marketing to be successful.  Producing website hits is good but you want to produce the most effective hits that you can.

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