Website maintenance is the process by which the technical and operational integrity of your website stays intact. It’s essentially all of the activities that must be performed in order to have a smooth-running website. These processes are usually carried out by members of a website maintenance team, or SEO professionals.web maintaince

Website maintenance covers a lot of ground and includes several categories:

  • Website quality assurance, which spots errors in website pages
  • Publishing, which keep your website up-to-date with new content.
  • Performance monitoring, which is the process of running tests to ensure that it runs at top-notch conditions.
  • Feedback monitoring, which manages communication between your business and your visitors.
  • Infrastructure Monitoring, which oversees the site hosting.

If you have a website that needs maintenance, there are several factors you should consider:

  • Your website size
  • Website complexity
  • Amount of activity

Knowing the size of your website is key to estimating the total amount of man hours it will take for your SEO professional or web maintenance team to cater to your site’s needs.

Consider how much content your site produces to determine what size website you have. How many man hours would you say it takes you in a full year to attend to your site?

  • A small website usually takes a maximum of 4,000 man hours per year, but likely less. In this case, you may need about one or two people on staff for your web maintenance.
  • A medium-sized website takes anywhere between 4,000 and 10,000 man hours per year. Two or three people will likely need to be staffed to ensure quality website maintenance.
  • A large website usually requires more than 10,000 man hours per year. This may require three or more people on staff to cater to your website’s maintenance needs.

What determines website complexity is the type of advanced technology used to develop it.

Basic websites have a simple template and are generally “brochureware” type sites that contain plain text with HTML or XHTML and perhaps a couple images. One person could easily be staffed for the responsibility of overseeing infrastructure monitoring.

The next level of complexity is a dynamic website. A dynamic website comes with a database in which content is stored in accordance to the site visitor’s needs. Most dynamic website include such things has discussion forums and other interactive features. One or two professionals can probably take care of the infrastructure needs of this kind of site, but perhaps more if the site is a busy one.

A transactional website is used for maintaining, recording, and carrying out monetary transactions between customers and business operations. These kinds of websites require shopping carts or advanced database technology in order to collect and process orders. Again, one or two professionals could helm the responsibilities of this kind of website, unless the e-commerce site is very large or for a very popular brand; then, many more people may be required.
There are various ways to measure your website activity – page impressions, visitors, social bookmarking and more. A website that is heavy in activity – say, with one million page impressions per month – will need at least three people staffed to maintain and update the site regularly. Sites with much less activity and only up to 100,000 page impressions per month will only need one person staffed to maintain the site.

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