Website Marketing Los Angeles Create Good Infographics Fast and Cheap

Staff Writer:  Greta Frusha


Date: 7.31.12


Having no graphic ability shouldn’t keep anyone from building infographics.  Not only can people in Direct Marketing Los Angeles learn how to make infographics, they can make them without costing website marketing Los Angeles a ton of money.  Suggestions for building an infographic are listed below.


Is the main idea going to be too long?  Remember to keep it simple.  Pare down the content so that the user is not confused with extra added information that detracts from the goal of the page.  Does it have too many words?  Limit the words because nobody reads most of them.  The user has a limited time to be on the landing page.  Again, keep it simple!


Look at the page.  If it can’t be read in one go, then don’t expect the user that lands on that page to read it either.  Don’t cause the user to go cross-eyed trying to gather in dry content.  Don’t bore the user.

Does the page answer a question that has been asked before?  Does your question have a real person behind it so that time isn’t wasted by answering something irrelevant?  Was there consideration for the audience it is directed to and their potential uses and desires when the idea was formed?  Create ideas and content with these questions in mind.  Don’t skimp on quality content.  Solid content that reflects the goal of the site will bring in needed traffic.  Once that content is settled upon, the infographic can be built.


Google Docs can be used to build a simple infographic.  It’s geared more toward building a statistical infographic for comparing one group to another, which has more or less, how many of is there type of statistics. is another program that allows someone to create an infographic from a blank slate or with their templates.  Simple and the graphs are striking! runs in beta, registration is free.  At some point in time might go to a paid version, but for right now infographics can be created for free. has fantastic user interface, which is easy to register with Facebook and features five free templates. is easy to use, although it’s limited to statistical infographics at the time.  It does work for infographics that are based on numbers. is a free account with a nice variety of templates to choose from.  The upgrade price is reasonable and allows for six or more images to be inserted in the infographic.  The free version only allows for five images to be uploaded.  A simple infographic can be done within an hour with easy to use drag and drop interface with no Photo shopping required.  Resizing can be done in the program.  It also allows saving as a .png file or as raw data.


If there is money in the budget and the idea is great, invest in a custom infographic.  Go to someone that excels at creating, building, and marketing infographics that can work up a professional infographic like Avalaunch Media or BlueGlass.

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