Website Marketing Los Angeles is Getting Rid of Data Noise

Staff Writer:  Greta Frusha


Date: 7.31.12


Top marketing firms Los Angeles developers of mobile apps, social sites, or local directories are facing competing streams of data sources that muddle up local search results and other mapping features.  There are many biases, even advertising, that influence a business listings identity.  Identity is the business’ name, address, and phone number.  This creates a challenge for developers that are attempting to use this information to create an experience that keeps the user engaged.


Noise is created by biased data.  Some data becomes biased when a business identity is created with user-generated content, check-ins and advertising by companies.  A few best practices can help avoid the noise are listed.


Supplementing advertising content with business listings is good.  Do not fall into a trap of only using advertising listings to build data sets.  While advertising listings can be a supplemental content source, it should never be used at the foundation level.  Listings and associated descriptive content can disappear if a business quits advertising.


Standardizing category structure allows for efficient browsing and sharing content.  Data should be segmented and shared through well known categories or mapped to industry standards.  Content should be able to be easily mapped.  Presentation layers need to be compatible with other data.  All of these examples give developers the opportunity to use all location data that is available to them, such as advertising, user-generated content, and more.


Never mistake crowd sourced data for anchor identities.  Crowd sourcing is a way that website marketing Los Angeles generates content from multiple geographies for example restaurants and travel and vertical industries but it comes with limitations.  It can be challenging to confirm that data sets are up to date, compete, and accurate if developers only access user-generated content.  This kind of content usually takes on user bias and mistakes in business information.  Crowd sourced information does not usually produce a fountain of information for less popular geographies and industries beyond entertainment, travel, and health and beauty.  App developers should have a complete set of businesses categorized.


Tapping a wide source of business listings that is widely used and accepted in the marketplace helps enable app developers to layer in other data sets.  It can also take advantage of a diverse array of business data that includes the business name, phone numbers and address as well as a descriptive count such as Yelp reviews, Groupon offers and Foursquare check-ins that may be available in the local search world.


App developers should work to create a single and dynamic business identity for users that begins with the business NAP.  This includes understanding the value and relevance of a business listing and any bias that may influence that listing.  The overall user experience can be adversely affected if these problems are not resolved.  By acknowledging the industry definition of business listings and points of interest for users, developers of apps will be able to gain satisfied users and improve their sites or apps.

Reducing noise turns into an engaged experience.

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