Website Optimisation For Assured Search Engine Ranking

Mandira Banerjea, Staff Writer

Date: 01-Sep-2010


Website optimisation via search engine optimization techniques is advised for implementing changes in the site code to make it more search engine compatible. Before trying to promote the site via search engines it would be advisable to ascertain whether it requires search engine optimization. Most search engine ranking depends on SEO techniques. Keywords and phrases in the “title tags”, Meta tags and web contents are indices that are analyzed by search engines for determining website ranking in relation to search relevancy.


It is possible to track conversions from Google AdWords pay per click campaign. Google search engine offers conversion tracking code and reports cost per conversion for each conversion which helps the on-line clients to determine the keywords that convert and eliminates the rest. The three tips for bidding on keywords from Google AdWords are:


  • Never attempt to occupy the number one position.
  • Aligning paid ad vertically with organic listings for enhanced effect and
  • Use geo-targeting for local businesses and day-time for lowering bid costs.


The target search terms are well integrated with website optimisation tools that guarantee a site’s visibility as well as enhance their prospects of appearing higher in the search results. It has often been noticed that many websites, in spite of being launched for a considerable period, do not have any web traffic as most search engines are unaware of their existence. This usually occurs when the web designer fails to apply sufficient effort and time or lack the basic know how to optimize a website successfully. In such cases, it is advisable to take help ofSEOtoolswhile selecting the right search terms including basic Meta tags in the site code for developing a website that displays optimum functioning in search engines.


Both client interaction and instant monitoring is necessary for website optimisation in connection to successful top ranking in search engines. It is offered by result-oriented SEO companies who maximize their clients’ return on investment (ROI) but at minimum cost. They target all types of new, small and medium sized businesses. Most of the affordable SEO services invest time and effort to interact with their clients, their requirements, their business and marketing goals. Based on the finding, the optimum combination is derived by a customized search engine optimization strategy to match the exclusive needs and business models of the respective clients.


The key factors governing successful website optimisation strategy are:


  1. Proper keyword selection: Usage of several paid keyword research tools that analyze the rival sites’ Meta tags, search engine performance and identifies the best keywords for the website on a specific targeted market.


  1. SEO content development: In website optimisation, content plays a significant role as there has to be relevancy and exclusivity in the content. Website optimisation  tools supervises the content, H1 tags, Bread Crumb navigation, alt attributes and text based footer links to create search engine friendly websites.


  1. Website problem fixing: At times, the website may be designed excellently but does not create the right impact on web audiences. This is mainly due to the site being invisible to search engines and confuses the “spider” from indexing the site. This problem can be stalled by following the website optimisation guidelines that check the web design problems and other technical issues.


  1. Link building work: This vital aspect is also covered by website optimisation services where the relevant links are identified and requisite efforts are taken to project a search engine friendly website.


The primary objective of presenting website optimisation is to ensure that the site attracts customers and triggers sales. The experts and specialist SEO consultants in such organizations are armed with industry specific knowledge to offer best advice for promoting web business globally.

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