Website planning with visitor online php scripts including live and a look at the effectiveness of video clips such as Visitor Q.

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/8/2009

Today there are many online scripts making the convenience of your site for your visitor user friendly.  Many scripts add to the professionalism and operations of your site, furthering their success.  Analytic tools will help you know what is happening on your website or web store, ensuring your success.  These tools can be built into any website, provided you are the webmaster and will help to strengthen and grow your business.

Many such features are offered such as dashboards.  Dashboards offer a variety of instant reports of your key performance indicators, such as new sales or members, commissions, support, accounts receivable, or orders to ship.  When using dashboards you are provided with statistics that help you to understand your daily operations.  They can be of great benefit to your company’s personal website or your affiliate sites.

Web analytics are another.  Each of your customer records will contain detailed site usage data.  This will allow you better insight into buying and browsing patterns.  You will be able to view the number of hits, website page view histories, number of unique visitors, top referrals, keyword searches, rate of shopping cart abandonment’s and shopping activity analysis and more.

Customer specific site activity is another unique script which you will use in individual customer records and be able to view all their activities on your site, including shopping cart content, their pages viewed, their click-stream paths, their referring URL and keyword, and more.

There are many visitors online scripts in which you can choose which you can calculate your visitors online.  Many sites offer free web page visitors online php scripts.  The purpose of the php visitors online script is to count the maximum live online visitors at a time on a web page.  Features of the visitors online script will be the users the counter will count the maximum or total users online in a web page, the scripts work in time intervals, typically 30 seconds, and the visitors online script also counts the total maximum number of visitors at one time.

Other scripts that one can place on their web site are for adding video clips or movies on their site.  Visitor Q online is an example of one very bizarre movie that has come to the online sites.  Although a bit insane, the audience to this movie has been higher than I would have thought.  Many online visitors seem intrigued by the bizarre middle class family that seems to be programmed living their lives as most middle class families would but are actually living very dysfunctional lives.  The family is visited by Visitor Q which adds to the insanity of the family.  It is not a movie I would suggest, but one that has reviews on the net and has hit many online sites.

Video clips can be a great access to your website and should not be ignored.  They add professionalism to your site as well as a convenience for the visitor.  There is something very personal about listening to someone that truly believes in what they are promoting and a stronger interest created by the visitor.

Web design is important in any Internet business.  This is something that can make or break you.  Often times, it is not a bad idea to re write your web site content, making the most your means to achieve success.

It is a good idea to build your strategic plan.  This will include careful thought and consideration of all areas of your business.  Where you currently are, if your keywords and keyword phrase are working and productive for the sales and customers you wish to acquire, and where you want to go, as well as, how you are going to get there.  As from the start to finish, you see the importance of your web design.  You will want to project the future and build a site that will bring you into the future and where you wish to be in a year or two from now, keeping up with your sales and customer volume.

Online scripts will be something that you may choose to look into to help you with the productivity of your business.  They are also something you may want to consider re writing or redesigning your website to utilize.  They are a great advantage to the webmaster.  With the visitor online php script alone, you will be able to calculate the productivity of your advertising campaigns, thus knowing where your strong audiences are and what methods of advertising are producing results.  For example, if you send out an email campaign to college students and have “x” amount of hits or visitors to your site you will know when the hits or visitors are coming in, the timeframe, etc., thus knowing the productivity of your campaign.

When interested in adding online scripts to your web site, it is a good idea to research the different scripts offered.  There are many scripts from free to pay that offer professional high quality features and are easily installed.

If you are the type that just is not mechanically involved and prefer not to take the task on, you can hire a professional to do the task for you.  There are many sites that offer this service and many freelancing sites such as GetAFreelancer and Elance that have qualified professionals able to complete the work.  The advantage of using sites such as GetAFreelancer is that many professionals will bid on your posted job and offer a great price.  Many webmasters utilize these sites. You can pick up some quality work there, and often times avoid the headache of completing the job yourself.

From your beginning strategy to reaching your goals every step is important.  Design matters.  Productivity matters.  Deciding now what your needs are will help with the productivity of your site.  Plan, look into the future and make it successful from the start.

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