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Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/2/2009

The Internet hit the world like a race horse leaving its gate.  Full charge and ready to go.  It suddenly drew members from every corner in the world.  Technology had advanced to something that had never before been witnessed in the history of the world.  New ways of doing things were being introduced and this was in every sector of the world.  Businesses were replacing their old ways of keeping books by putting away the time consuming journals and replacing them with computerized work and daily data journals.  Accounting programs and software were responsible for keeping all their records.  They were able to find any data they needed in a matter of seconds with a simple touch of a key.  Everything was computerized and convenient.  It was a technology that would sweep the world.  It was the 80’s.  The world had been revolutionized.  The day of a new era began.

Introduced with the age of the Internet was an innovated idea of conducting business on this new world globe. Businesses with new opportunities began to pop up overnight, drawing the attention of every user.  A new concept of ways and means evolved.  It was spectacular.  Ideas came to light.  People joined one another instantly uniting.  It was everyone, everywhere around the world uniting with opportunities that were never seen before.  The matrix was introduced.  And, it was huge.  Affiliates took the scene and made small fortunes.  Established business began to utilize the media of the Internet.  The Internet became the golden egg.

Years later, the Internet has not slowed down, and today it is still making millionaires out of ordinary people.  Nearly every home has a computer and with that comes an email box.  For everyone that has an email box knows the meaning of spam.  One can literally spend hours a week deleting spam emails.  It is annoying and time consuming.  If you are a new advertiser to the net you will want to learn net etiquette in order to assure that you do not commit spam through your site promotion.   

Marketing and opportunities have had the Internet world buzzing since day one.  Today, it has grown to the largest most cost effective form of advertising there is.  Blogging is one such form of advertising; however, it is more at a personal level and often times develops a following.  Blogging has been a huge success on the Internet and blog promotion is an excellent method of advertising.  A blog is a form of a website; however, it is usually maintained by an individual who regularly posts updates, allowing you to know what is current in their life, events, information of their sales products, etc.  A prime example of this is Rachael Ray.  Although she is Rachael Ray of Everyday with Rachael Ray Magazine, she has a personal blog on the Internet in which she keeps her fans up to date on her activities and life.  She builds an added success through her blog that follows her into her business world.  Blogging is productive and helps to gain exposure for your product, business or for just making contacts.  Blogs have a place where readers can leave comments and ask questions.  It is interpersonal being person to person and it is popular.

Blogging hit the top of the charts, nearly as soon as it hit the Internet scene.  Internet marketing was booming.  This new type of web site promotion immediately took off.  Everyone liked it.  Businesses have made fortunes through blogging and the underdog has gained recognition.  It is a media of advertising at a personal level and open to everyone.  Businesses were blogging, marketers were blogging, students were blogging and housewives were blogging.  Everyone was getting involved and the blogging market became a hit.  Books were being published on how to blog.  Everyone was rapidly growing with technology.

Blog promotion is aimed at reaching a larger scale audience.  However, this will not happen overnight.  New blogs will not be automatically be ranked in the search engines as “look at this”, “trust this”, etc., but quite the contrary.  The search engines will need to trust your blog before you begin to see any significant flow of traffic through them.  Do not intend on your blog being your soul source of traffic.  You can maximize search engine traffic through constructing a blog that is friendly to the search engines.  Most of all create good content.

Blog creation is much like website creation.  A website and a blog are basically the same thing.  However, blogs are like a personal diary of a person or a business.  Once you begin a blog, you must make certain to be consistent with your blog postings.  This will keep the reader interested in revisiting.  Blogs are designed to keep the visitor returning.  Without updates you will not have returning visitors. The whole intention of the blog is to create a following and to keep the people coming back.

Your visitors to your blog will play a major role in the success of your blog.  Visitors may leave comments or questions which will make them return visitors, which will also spark other visitor’s interest and keep your blog interesting, exciting and active.

Like all website promotion, blogging takes internet marketing to attract visitors and gain rankings in the search engines.  Whether you decide on paid or free advertising methods, you will want to do research to see what works.  There are many forms of paid traffic that are great for blog promotion such as Pay Per Click and Stumble Upon.

Paid traffic is a way to guarantee traffic to your blog.  However, you can promote through no cost and paid channels as well.   Anywhere and everywhere is a great place to advertise your blog on the Internet.  Safelists, Text Ad Exchanges, Surf Sites, Social Network Sites, Forums, etc., are all great places to gain recognition to your blog.

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