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Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 9-14-2009

Marketing on the World Wide Web is referred to as i-marketing, online marketing, web makreting or emarketing and is the marketing of services or product through the use of the Internet. Online marketing involves a process from creating a website for the trade to availing of free website search submission services.

Businesses have chosen the Web for promotion of their products and services since the beginning of its existence.  The reason being that the cost of advertising is much lesser and that there is greater capabilities for the distribution of the product or service to a global audience.  Internet media is digital media and management of customer relationship systems.  For this fact, it is much broader and more complex than traditional advertising media like the radio, newspapers and the television.   Companies can reach a phenomenal amount of traffic for a fraction of traditional advertising costs.  Results are achieved quickly as the advertiser is allowed to campaign to Internet users worldwide.   Internet marketing has become the fastest growth in media.  Exposure and response along with its efficiency has made a billion dollar industry.  Campaigns are easier to track and manage than the traditional forms of marketing methods and results are quick and affordable.

Internet marketing is precise as the audience is typically targeted.  Demographics are used such as age, race, interests, and profession.  This is done through gathering information such as individuals uploading pictures and answering surveys.  This helps an online business to reach higher conversions as it draws valuable visits.

The Internet has become a great asset for the at-home shopper and for this reason there are many successful businesses promoting products online. Strategies for marketing are vast.  However, the most successful campaign typically involves a combination of methods incorporating Google free site submission.

A few of the methods for promoting a website and generating traffic includes traffic exchanges. They are a great place to begin for the low-budget business.  With traffic exchanges, the marketer will view other marketer’s sites and in return their site is viewed. The more time devoted to viewing sites the more site views the marketer receives which results to a tremendous amount of traffic. The online business owner should, however, be able to choose the best traffic exchange program that would suit his business needs.

Moreover, Safelists are another form of internet marketing that works. Through the safelists, one typically receives credits for views and in return they are able to send email as response and have their site viewed.  This could be very promising to online businesses but the results may not come too quickly for evaluation.

Article submission is a great asset to online businesses as well as reviews submission.  Both create inbound links leading to the marketer’s website and often times it is much easier to be listed high in the search engines due to the ranking of the article site.  If the article site ranks high then your article will rank high when searched.  Content is extremely important and professionalism is everything.  Keeping the reader reading and interested will result in them clicking onto your link to view the site.  If you are not skilled in writing hiring a professional for script is advisable.

On the other hand, pay per click caters to the setback of safe lists.  The pay per click is a marketing strategy which brings in results faster than you could ever imagine.  This method is a sponsored listing in the search engine which the advertiser is awarded through successful bidding.  An auction is held through the search engines and keyword phrases are bid among marketers.  The bid is what the marketer wishes to pay per click and can range anywhere from a few cents into the hundreds of dollars.  Keyword phrases that best suit or represent the product or service that the advertiser is marketing are chosen.  With pay per click there is no need to submit your site to free website search submission. 

Safe lists, traffic exchanges, article submission and pay per click campaigns are just a few of the many optimization techniques which a website owner could grab. But search engine optimization settles on a principle of recognition and promotion. Considering this, you might want to know how to popularize your website free of charge. This will lead you to free website search submission. This process will help you conquer the search engines which are key players on the internet world.

Remember, Google is the most popular search engine and Google website submission should be performed not more than every 45 days. This is considered spam by the engines and repetitive subsequent submission creates an impression of unreliability.  How one submits their link is simple.  However, remember it does not always guarantee that you will be listed.  Before you submit look at the competition and compare the information on your site to the others.  If you don’t have the most relevant information, update it.  Next go to Google website submission and simply add your link, along with keyword phrases or a short advert that describes your business.  Then, after entering a simple captcha you have submitted your link.  The process is simple and one should know whether their site was listed within a few weeks.

However, the process does not guarantee that your site will be listed in the search engines.  To assure that you are taking the necessary steps to list your site in the search engine make certain that you have utilized the optimization techniques that the crawlers look for.

The techniques are moderately easy and for detailed information you can visit:

Generating hits will be the backbone of your marketing success.  Submit your URL Google free site submission as well as other search engines.  It will further you in the search engine ratings and it will generate visits to your site resulting in conversions.  Conversions are the converting of a visit to a sale and where the marketer generates his online income.  Submit your site to Google website submission and advertise.

Online income can be anywhere from a few dollars into the millions. This will all depend on the degree and the success of the online campaigns which the website owner would opt for.

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