What a Los Angeles Marketing Agency Can Learn from Pinterest

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 6.04.2012


Whether the source comes from individuals or larger organizations, innovation often changes they way businesses see how they operate and how to best perform. New products and mediums for communications can open up all new methods of interaction, and every Los Angeles marketing agency has to hustle to keep up with the changes. The problem with real innovation is that it is difficult to create, so companies and a Los Angeles advertising agency is often on the chase for the latest inspiration to drive that new innovation.

The pursuit of that inspiration on the Web has been reevaluated and seen from a different perspective thanks to Pinterest, a new social media websites that gives users virtual bulletin boards to “pin” their favorite images and web links to share with other users. Members can categorize their own boards, use as many boards as they want to fit as many links as they desire that are of interest to them. The set-up of Pinterest requires a web link to be associated with an image, which would serve as a vital part of marketing that web link to other PInterest users.

One thing that marketers can learn from Pinterest is to make the marketing experience and innovation a more visually stimulating one. While usually meetings that involve brainstorming and exchange of ideas often use whiteboards with words and lists, using high-quality images and videos can also enhance the creative process. With images, your brain might make visual connections that words alone wouldn’t trigger.

Another aspect of Pinterest that marketers can learn from is to expand their brainstorming sessions. With over 12 million people posting their own links and ideas onto hundreds of thousands of boards, there are sure to be a great many links and ideas for inspiration. Marketers can take a note from Pinterest by expanding the brainstorming sessions throughout the entire company, perhaps including people of different departments that otherwise wouldn’t be involved in the brainstorming.

You might be surprised by what different perspectives can give you in marketing Los Angeles. Marketing firms will likely have a variety of different employees and departments, thus providing new sources of inspiration.

An additional boost to the creative process can also occur when marketers have a place to share and post their ideas during non-office hours. Some people find it difficult to come up with innovative ideas during time constraints. If some of your best ideas happen during the week while relaxing in the tub or riding a bicycle, then having a place to post and share that idea with your colleagues can be a great benefit to your company.

You should be able to use what you learn from Pinterest for maximum effect. Remember to start with a goal in mind. New Pinterest users always start on a blank slate, or rather a blank board and delegate a broad category to a single board. Similarly, marketers can use this approach to state their goals and how they can facilitate such goals. Innovation can also better occur when building upon already-existing ideas.

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