What is Error Page Definition – Explore the Concept.

A system error code is defined as an error number which at times is followed by a short error message. This is displayed in a program in Windows. System error is a pre-defined error code and error message that is normally used by software programmers to indicate that a particular program is experiencing a specific problem. However, it has to be pointed out that all software programs use these pre-defined system error codes. Some software programs have their own set of error number and error messages.


A system error code is not the same as Device Manager or http Static codes. The error codes share code numbers with other error code types but the errors are entirely different with different messages and meanings. It is also known as operating system error code. They appear on software programs and in various cases within the Windows operating system. At times, the web users only see the error code number but no further information on the meaning of the code is specified. This error code is entirely different from device and browser code even though the error numbers may be similar.


Device Manager error codes are numerical in nature with an error message which helps the web user to determine the type of issue the Windows operating system is having with the hardware. In all versions of Windows they can be viewed in the device status area of the hardware property. At times the error code produces a run time error message. In such cases, the mistakes that are made would not be picked at the time of compiling the program rather would be noticed when the program is being run. They have a particular number to signify a particular meaning like an error code 1100 means “the physical end of the tape has been reached”.


While using the Internet explorer the desktop icon often shows an error message. This display prevents the web users from accessing the website in spite of going as far as the search engine window. The web user is forced to quit the search operation despite re-loading the entire Windows operating system. It is believed that the error message is an indication of the problem that caused the error icon to be displayed on the window. Problems also create errors on web page on Internet Explorer. Web users who have re-installed Windows XP over the old installation face this problem continuously. It is difficult to reach a solution unless the web users consider re-installing Windows XP at the beginning on an empty partition. This would enable the System file to be re-written while the redundant altered file would be removed permanently.


The error reporting feature on a page in Windows XP is turned on by default. The error reporting system functions when a critical error is noted in the operating system or in other software program. Disabling error reporting is simple and is possible by following few easy steps which take less than five minutes.

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