What is Live Keyword Density Analysis and An Overview on Keyword Suggestion Tool

Discovering the best keywords on any website depends on compiling keyword search statistics from all the major search engines. This would create the most powerful keyword suggestion tools. It is believed that over 80% of all online transactions are based on keyword search and it is necessary to target all relevant keywords to compete effectively in the Internet market. Keyword suggestion tools and live keyword density analysis gives a clear picture of the search phrases people generally use to locate various products and services in the Internet. The relevant search terms, which are exposed by these tools, drive traffic away from the competitor’s site. It maximizes Pay-per-click campaigns and drives traffic to the optimized website for better business transaction.


To achieve a successful level in Internet marketing, primarily it is necessary to have a huge database. This factor is facilitated through keyword suggestion tools which collect and compile data. Normally, a keyword database contains around 38 billion searches from over 200 world wide search engines. The keyword research tool ensures discovery of related and relevant keywords. It also includes other keyword tools that help website owners to analyze and qualify keywords to gauge historical trends, competitions, keyword effectiveness, pay-per-click bid values and many such features. The keyword suggestion tool based on Trellian Competitive Intelligence user path data identifies the primary competitors and the prominent keywords that attract the most traffic.


The XML API Access creates their own set of tools or solutions that can access the keyword database. The compiled search results from API can be organized and saved into projects and can be copied, renamed, added or deleted. The keyword suggestion tool imports keywords directly via external sources such as from Excel, Text files, Meta Tags, URLs and then exports all keyword research and analysis data. The keyword database availed from keyword density analysis and keyword suggestion tool contains over 4.4 billion keyword searches based on panel data.


The industry keywords provided by this tool offers a list of common search terms grouped according to their categories which make it easy to discover some top searches for specific industries. The specialty databases comprising of news, adults and question phrases databases are available via these tools. They help in locating niche terms quickly and easily. The tool also reveals the “searched terms” which are usually keywords searched by same users.


The live keyword density analysis measures the keyword density of all the search terms on any web page. The advanced analyzer tool allows website owners to analyze their own keyword lists, choose advanced filters including search engines and keyword databases. The tool cross references keywords with the domain database and discloses the most popular search phrases. This is a very effective method of finding traffic domains. They also reveal the top organic and pay-per-click competitors for any given keyword or a group of search terms. The tool also exposes the percentage of keyword searches performed on major search engines.

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