What is Search Engine Optimization for Marketing your Book, Services and to Submit your URL

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/23/2009

Becoming a success on the Internet takes much more than good intentions.  It is not a pipe dream but a reality that is reached every day.  For a marketer to be successful he needs education. Marketing media and methods are a study and an investment of time that will assure the success of the marketer and his web business.


Many marketers having witnessed or heard of the success of search engine optimization for web businesses have asked “what is search engine optimization”?  


Search Engine Optimization is the strategic plan that can be performed by a professional service or independently.  Search engine optimization is the process of analyzing your website, the architecture and design, the visible content of your website, link popularity and the successful marketing to have your link or website ranked high in the search engine results.  Search engine services vary depending on the professional but all are geared towards the recognition success and monitoring of your search engine listing.


Getting listed high in the search engines requires a great deal of strategy.  There are many professional services listed on the World Wide Web claiming to have the knowledge and power to take you to the top, however, all may not have the necessary experience it takes, just as you will not be able to jump into the waters and stay afloat without proper knowledge and strategic planning.  It is there essential to research well before choosing the search engine services that not only understands your goals but also delivers it.


Should you promote yourself, getting to the top starts with properly laid ground work that can be put into action achieving results.  You will want to begin with the design and content of your website.  This is very important.  You will want to design something not only attractive but with information that people will find interesting.  This will attract a more valuable visitor as well as a return visitor.


Your keywords or keyword phrase will be a part of your website.  They must be chosen wisely.  The keywords should be the words that best suit the theme of your product or business.  Search engines like keywords that are placed high in the content of your site and in the titles.  So if you sell Barbie Dolls obviously you would have your keywords as Retail Barbie Dolls or Barbie Dolls Collectors and include them in the title of your site, high in the content of your site, and throughout the content of your site.  Once you have your website designed you will be ready to put your advertising plan into effect.


There are many methods of advertising on the Internet.  It is the most cost efficient form of advertising and many companies have taken advantage of its tremendous opportunity.  The Internet opens businesses doors to the world and the goal of every serious marketer is to reach as many of the billions of users as possible.  This could literally make you a millionaire.


For the sake of this article, let’s say we are promoting a book.  Our focus will then be on our book search engine optimization.  We have our website carefully constructed and our strategic plan devised.  Our book is a cookbook making the majority of our audience newlyweds, wives, young woman and prospects interested in cooking.  Exposure will be our first priority.  We will want to promote our book to our audience as quickly and as productively as possible.


Ways in which to promote:

  1. Pay Per Click
  2. Banners
  3. Blogs
  4. Forums
  5. Social Networking Sites
  6. Email Campaigning


Each of these forms of advertising will create visitors to your site and can be highly targeted.  Placing your ads on complementary sites to your product will be like being in the center of your audience.


We will utilize search engine submission sites and services and submit URL to search engines through these sites and services.  This is the address to our website.  While we are promoting our cookbook, we may even look for a publisher if we have not found one yet.  Both can be done at the same time.  There are many sites available on the Internet that will allow us to self publish our book for a small fee.  We may even choose to take a book marketing course.  Bookmarket.com offers great online marketing courses at a small fee. They also have a list of the different book publishers making your task of going to the library and researching all the reference books diminished.  Our task is marketing 101 with the promotion of our book.


Obviously we are going to jump right in and get as much exposure as possible.  A great place to start would be with getting our banner placed around sites that are targeted audience locate.  This would obviously be forums and social networking sites among others.  Through the forums we will also want to post information and announcements of our cookbook.  We may then choose to begin blogging.  Drawing readers and followers to our blog providing them with interesting ideas and recipes and updated information throughout the month on our blog.  Email campaigning is something we may chose to do as well.  Video clips on websites such as YouTube and MySpace may be another means of advertising.  We will also want to include other revenues outside the Internet such as campaigning for our book at local bookstores and libraries. This will all help in the successful campaigning of our cookbook and the productive internet marketing of our cookbook.


Becoming known in the search engines requires good content on our website and many visitors to our website to be ahead of our competitors.  Our goal is to be in the top ten and to get as many visitors to our site as possible.  With our strategic plan, we can see where our company is today and where we want it to be in the future, thus making the ways and means plan on how to achieve this and putting it into action.

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