What is Unique IP Hosting – An Overview.

Every computer that is connected to the Internet needs a unique identification called IP (Internet Protocol) Address. This is a number lying between zero and approximately 4.3 billion. All web hosting plans are available with static IP address for the domain. The static IP address is shared which indicates that other domains would resolve to the similar numeric IP address. IP address is a numerical label assigned to devices participating in computer networks. It uses the Internet protocol for communicating within the nodes. The IP serves two major functions – Web hosting or Network Interface Identification and Location. Though IP addresses are stored in binary numbers, they are displayed in notations that can be read by humans. IP routes the database between networks where the IP addresses specify the locations of the source and destination nodes.


Web servers have a static IP address that hardly changes. In virtual hosting, the website is stored in a computer along with several other sites. Owing to the scarcity of IP addresses, at times web host assigns only one IP address to the server indicating that the website shares the IP address of the server with other sites stored in it. Modern browsers often pass the “header information” to the web servers which contain the domain name of the requested sites. Unique IP hosting is offered by some web hosts. This is a part of their hosting packages. In this package, even when the web server hosts several sites, they can be prefixed with different IP address. However, this practice involves additional costs.


There are numerous reasons accounting for the need of unique IP address. Web clients, who are desirous of running their own mail server, need a unique IP address. Those who have unique secure server certificate for the domain name may opt for unique IP hosting. Acquiring this facility gives a client additional benefits. Companies deciding to purchase sole IP hosting would not face spamming problems in future. Many bigger organizations go for this facility because they maintain complicated website designs. Such complicated website designs ensure that transactions from this domain are secure. Another benefit of unique IP hosting is that those users having really old browsers would be able to visit these sites. Name based hosting only works with browsers which support http 1.1 protocol.


A vast number of SEO Webmasters opine that having unique IP address for their websites is beneficial. The cost is exorbitant when, for example, 30 websites have different host companies. In unique IP hosting, the web company gives the private rack and domain for web Internet needs. This type of hosting is advantageous for bigger organizations that are desirous of having exclusiveness. On selecting this type of service, the web host maintains an exclusive IP address which implies that the security of this kind of web hosting is quite high. This feature also helps the company to generate additional revenue. The interlink feature of unique IP web hosting is high, thereby, providing them a better ranking in search results.

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