What is Video Marketing – Learn about the Techniques.

Video is the technology of capturing and reconstructing a sequence of still images electronically. It represents scenes in motion. Videos not only capture and transmit images it also has the capability to record, process and store the captured scenes for indefinite period. Video marketing is the most effective marketing strategy and plenty of Internet marketers and branded business houses are using this technique in their marketing strategy. Video marketing has shown a tremendous boost in sales figures as millions of dollars are rolling in after the inception of this new practice. Some business houses who have not yet implemented this technology may be due to the following reasons :

  • They are unaware of the factors behind the creation of video.
  • They are unaware of editing or branding their video.
  • They are not sure about publishing the video in YouTube or other video sharing websites.
  • They are unable to use video for acquiring voluminous free web traffic.
  • They are unable to track video traffic and views, etc.
  • They are unable to make money with videos.


It may sound strange but it is a fact that all these features can be performed for free in video marketing as various types of software programs and services are available in the Net. For editing and branding the videos, the user need not avail of paid services or software programs in order to distribute the videos in video sharing websites. The video marketing strategy is both entertaining and informative. It effectively promotes the products of the website. Though video technology dates back to the development of the first cathode ray tube TV system but since then it has advanced phenomenally to display devices that are now an integral part of video marketing. The quality of video marketing depends on the capturing method and storage feature while the “interlacing” feature accounts for good visual quality. The size of the video image is measured in pixels while the aspect ratio describes the dimension of video screen and video picture elements.


With the popularity of YouTube and other social networking sites, old and new companies are switching tactics when it comes to search engine optimization and marketing. Instead of link building, traditional book marking and other such techniques, video marketing is slowly gaining prominence on the Internet. On-line users have a more positive response towards videos as video website promotion is the best way to reach out to the core audience. To initiate video marketing, it is imperative to upload video in popular sites and re-post the links, blogs or forums to the website. Book marking a video and having press releases are other techniques that can be implemented while displaying the videos to optimize the site for search engines. A striking example is a clip of baby making funny noises for new infant food manufacturing company. This is the new methodology of video marketing which has a dynamic impact on web audience.

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