What Kinds of Basic SEO Packages should a new SEO Business Offer?

Staff Writer: Nancy Mann

Date: 7.31.2012


To ensure that they address a wide variety of client needs, newly established SEO specialists should offer a diverse menu of SEO packages.  Although most providers are more than willing to adapt or combine SEO packages to accommodate a broad spectrum of business needs, there are a few standard types of service packages that, according to studies, are requested more frequently than others.


The SEO package that is requested most often is a site analysis and assessment.  This type of service is not only useful but almost always a requirement when planning an SEO strategy.  It allows the SEO specialist to review an existing site and evaluate its optimization efficacy from various perspectives, all while trying to identify what is working, and more importantly, what isn’t, in a company’s current SEO campaign.  Addressing elements from keyword choice to site architecture, link building techniques to content, and just about everything in between, a site analysis and assessment is a soup to nuts review of the success of a company’s online presence.


Another popular package is that which deals with link building.  Link building is an extremely important component to any successful SEO strategy.  When done properly, a tailor-made link building campaign is one of the most effective ways to quickly achieve and maintain top search engine rankings.  And now, with social media sites like Pinterest growing each day, creative linking has become even more desirable.


Some clients still prefer the option of purchasing on-site SEO training sessions.  With this kind of package, a company will hire an SEO service provider to come to its location and basically partner with its own in-house I.T. teams, marketing teams and even upper level managers.  The SEO specialist normally devises the appropriate strategy, but then instructs the company’s employees on how to successfully implement it.  On-site training is generally a per diem service, but like all SEO, can be customized according to need.


Similar to on-site training, SEO consulting services also allow companies to have their internal teams work cooperatively with external experts.  SEO consultants can maximize the results of an in-house team’s SEO efforts by advising on topics such as keyword analysis, copywriting, competitive intelligence and link building campaigns.


Last, retained service packages are still a favored option, especially by companies who have large ongoing strategies in place and require consistently available SEO expertise on a monthly basis.  Although these can be somewhat flexible in schedule (no set hours are usually imposed), retained service packages are often the most expensive, as clients are billed each month. Nonetheless, they lend these clients an added layer of security in knowing that a dedicated SEO professional will be regularly monitoring their SEO needs.


With the growth and popularity of SEO services, experienced providers have done their best to design diverse packages and pricing scales, offering their clients a variety of options to meet any need.  New SEO firms should take their lead from these seasoned companies by guaranteeing their potential client base the same kinds of choices.


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