What Not to Watch for When Evaluating Your Los Angeles SEO

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 9.10.2012

When dealing with Los Angeles SEO, you may come across clients who only want certain things out of their SEO performance. These things may not be a big priority in your overall SEO success.

They may think that only certain “key performance indicators” matter in an SEO campaign, when the truth is that they merely forgo the big picture to see what truly matters. Sometimes, even search engine optimization Los Angeles experts can also make this same mistake and focus on only the key performance indicators that don’t really matter in the overall campaign, causing them to go after meaningless statistics.

There are several examples of such key performance indicators that, in your overall campaign, shouldn’t be lent as much weight in evaluating your success. Here are examples of what not to keep an eye on when developing your SEO.

One such false goal is attempting to enhance your Google Toolbar PageRank score.

Some folks performing SEO Los Angeles believe that the score received from the Google Toolbar PR matters a great deal. When your PR reaches 7 or higher, that tends to be a bragging point for SEO professionals. While no SEO will mention PageRank as a useful measurement when their sites rank low between 0 and 3, once it hits 6 or higher it becomes a bragging point. Thus it’s easy to get misled into believing that ranking high in Google’s PR is actually a useful goal in SEO.

The truth of the matter is that Google’s PageRank scores don’t have much in the way of specific value, but is merely relative. The value of such scores changes when you factor in such game-changing things like personalized SERPs and other algorithm changes. Focusing more intensely on content marketing will ensure that your page rank stays more consistent.

Another aspect that shouldn’t yield as much weight is Klout scores.

Klout measures your Internet marketing influence based on your activity on various social media outlets. Yet is getting an optimal Klout score something that truly matters in your SEO campaign?

Some ad agencies have been known to inquire about Klout scores when interviewing prospective candidates for employment, yet Klout scores should not carry nearly as much weight in your SEO campaign, especially when you consider how easy it is to boost your Klout score.

According to some SEOs, one can raise his Klout score on Facebook, for instance, by playing games that have no affect on the success of the overall marketing campaign. This is what makes Klout’s scoring mechanism flawed, and thus not something worth counting on in the SEO world.

Some SEOs also put a lot of weight on Google SERPs – mistakenly.

Several SEOs out there obsess over having pages get a #1 SERP rank. Ever since Google released a personalized ranking system, however, it’s a mistake to lend Google SERPs any more significance than it deserves. Having a personalized SERP means that one user’s page rankings will be different from another user, based on their previous search history.

If the above critieria truly doesn’t have an impact on an SEO campaign, then what does? This is a valid question, as there are several things you should be chasing after as an SEO instead of the above factors. These include customer contacts, conversion rates, revenue and your brand’s reputation. These are tangible things that actually affect your business deeply, and keeping an eye on such matter is vital to your business.

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