What Questions a Search Engine Marketing Specialist Should Ask a New Client

Staff Writer: Jessica Ross


Date: 7.13.2012





Most questions asked by a search engine marketing specialist are specific to the type of consulting a client needs.  However, there are generalized questions that can be used for professional search engine optimization.  As with any SEO business, the more information, the better the optimization of the client’s website.



It’s important to know what your new client’s website’s purpose as well as who the target audience is.  This should be one of the very first questions ask.  SEO consultants need this information to ascertain what keywords to use, what content to write, and what marketing strategy to create.



Ask about web analytics.  What program does your client use and if you can have access to it?  Web analytics programs are vital to showing you if the SEO work (if any) before you was working or failing to hail any traffic.  It doesn’t matter how much SEO work you were hired for, you will need to know that information.



Clients that are apprehensive to allowing you access, point out that if they use Google Analytics an account can have more than one user and the user doesn’t have to have admin access.  You will also want to ask about access to their Google Webmasters Tool account.  While checking on the reports, it’s a good idea to ask about any other domain sites your client may have owned or is controlling besides the current one.  Having this info will help with determining if a site in the search is swiping the content.



Most clients have done basic SEO stuff with their site.  Some will claim they’ve done keyword-rich title tags, but most times this isn’t the case.  Knowing what they’ve attempted to do on their own can help you get your work done faster.  It’s also good to know if they’ve had past professional SEO work done.



Have your client list their website’s top competitors and why they think so.  A lot of times their competition is only due to the same keywords being used.  Your client could be missing out on traffic by using the wrong ones.  It’s also good to scope out the competitors’ sites to see how they’re setup SEO wise.  In today’s market, it’s essential to have a grasp of why your site should stand out and sell those aspects.



Even clients who know the answers will need help portraying this to the public.  When potential customers visit what does your client want them to do?  There needs to be more of a goal then just, “Make the sale.”  Try setting up a newsletter, or a social media account, or contact forms.  After you’ve set that up make sure the web analytics captures the conversions properly.  If you set up a social media account, make sure your client interacts with their followers, not just blast links to their products.



All clients are different from each other and will need a specifically tailored strategy.  Knowing this information should help with finding the perfect plan to achieve your clients goals.


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