What Should an SEO Specialist Include in a Basic Evaluation Package?

Staff Writer: Nancy Mann

Date: 7.31.2012


An experienced SEO specialist will make a point of respecting the fact that a client’s needs are as individual as a fingerprint.  That’s why quality providers always offer a variety of SEO packages that can be easily customized, combined and tailored to the requirements of each client – from small businesses to larger companies with an established web presence.  A smart SEO specialist will make sure that their company’s packages cover the full range of possible services.  After all, an expert should be prepared to conquer any challenge.


One of the most commonly requested packages is a basic site analysis and assessment.  Even though this service sounds straightforward and fundamental, it can be highly multifaceted, as it evaluates the overall viability of a site’s market presence and SEO success.  Basic assessments give insights into a site not only from examining it but also by asking all the right questions, i.e.  Are there any identifiable obstacles to this site’s success?  How can this site achieve a higher rank?  How can its SEO campaign be improved?  What specific changes should be made and why?  Additionally, basic evaluations teach a client how search engines work, and which factors are the most critical when trying to optimize a website’s rank.


A basic site analysis and assessment should always start with a client meeting.  This meeting could also be called a strategy session, as it gives the client an opportunity to voice their business objectives, identify their target market and discuss their expectations.  It also gives them a chance to get acquainted with the SEO service’s style and protocol.  It’s critical that the two parties establish a trust factor from the start in order to ensure a successful and productive alliance.


The next step that usually takes place is a comprehensive site review.  This gives the SEO expert the chance to assess the site from a vantage point of search engine optimization, line by line and page by page.  Some of the areas examined should always include the following:

  • Visual appeal and functionality of the site’s design and layout;
  • Keyword and keyphrase assessments;
  • Content evaluation and review;
  • Page relevancy;
  • Meta data;
  • Usability and navigation;
  • Analysis of competitive sites;
  • Link value analysis;
  • Rankings and conversions.

After this thorough evaluation is complete, a comprehensive report should be presented for the client’s reference.  This report is critical to the establishment of an SEO strategy.  It shares the evaluation’s findings, and exlains which steps are recommended to reach the client’s stated business goals.  It should include detailed suggestions and recommendations for improvements wherever needed, and a step-by-step plan of action.

For every client, there is an SEO package that’s applicable.  But just about any client who is considering a new or revised SEO plan needs to undergo a basic site analysis and assessment.  It’s the first step in any successful and strategic SEO implementation.

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