What to Ask an SEO Link Building Service Before Hiring Them

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 8.29.2012


Thanks to the latest releases of Google Penguin and Panda algorithm updates, the SEO marketing world has seen entire internet marketing organizations shut down due to, among other things, lazy link building. Any SEO link building service that had previously made shortcuts in its work now can no longer afford to if they want to survive on the Google rankings.

Some SEO link building services are now even flying solo as freelancers, and these are the types of good link builders that are still in business. These are the good, “law abiding” link builders that you will want to look into if you’re looking for a link builder on your site. SEO marketing companies know that, in a post-Penguin world, a link builder better not hedge his bets and know how to build links naturally and legally. But how can you tell which are the best for your company? There are several questions you can ask your prospective link builder before hiring him on.

If you have site about a specific topic, such as gardening, as your prospective link builder to give you examples of a link target site that would help bolster your search rank, a link that would enhance brand reputation and a third link to help with link traffic.

A good link builder should know the difference between attaining these three types of links and what to look for. If a link builder has been on the seedier side of the practice and has been using unseemly practices of getting links, then he likely wouldn’t know where to start with getting healthy, well-earned links like the ones you require.

Also ask the link builder to explain how each of the previously mentioned three links will accomplish their objective. Link builders need to understand the value of links, and it’s even better if they can lay it out simply how they go about estimating a link’s value.

Question your link builder on the part your competitor’s linking profile plays into his own linking strategy. Although you should never depend on your competitor’s own strategy or take links that someone else already has, looking at your competition’s link profile could mean getting a lot of information about how their site works and gains traffic. And this information could be priceless.

Ask who will actually be doing the link building. Some link building services contract their link building hires to outside the company, which can be a problem when you try to work with the link builder, only to realize that the link builder is not accessible to you. Some of the best freelance link builders out there do most, if not all, of the work on their own.

Finally, ask a link builder how he would spend your limited budget for link building. Although “buying links” is generally frowned upon, it’s not a black-and-white issue, as Google never said “don’t buy links.” Indeed, it’s a gray area, and a good link builder will be able to explain this concept to you.

Asking these questions to your prospective link builder can save you a lot of later headaches that would come out of contracting a less-than-competent link builder.

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