What to Look For in Hiring the Right SEO Firm

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 9. 12. 2012


If you’re a small business with a website, you’ll probably need to look into Los Angeles SEO services. Perhaps you’re looking into hiring an agency to perform your SEO work. If you know little about what a Los Angeles search engine optimization professional does, however, it can be tough to parse the difference between SEOs who know what they’re talking about and somebody who will rip you off.

When shopping for an SEO agency, the first components you’ll likely look at is the cost and their specific services. Some businesses make the mistake of comparing companies solely based on price. If you look for “cheap” SEO services, that’s what you’ll likely get, and your website may flounder for it.

Instead, you should be hiring an SEO service based on their previous history of success, their resume and any references they might have. Here are several other components you’ll have to consider in hiring a search engine optimization Los Angeles professional.

You’ll need to know what kind of work needs to be done on your website from an SEO perspective. Consider whether you can create a blog or new content so that SEO can be created for those pages. Some SEO services will assist you in creating new content related to your industry. An SEO may even suggest structural changes to the website in order to better accommodate both SEO efforts and usability. You’ll have to ask yourself whether such changes are plausible. You should ask prospective SEO agencies whether link building and social media marketing will also be a part of the package.

Once you know what kind of SEO work needs to be done on your website, you’ll need to send out the request for a quote to prospective SEOs, which illustrates what you need to have done. Once you get the proposals back from the SEOs, they may happen to be very similar to one another, both in their cost and how they function. So how do you differentiate between them and decide on the best one?

You’ll need to ask the each SEO professional the following questions:

  • What is your link building strategy? Is it ethical and up-to-date in accordance to the latest Penguin updates?
  • What process do you usually follow in your SEO?
  • How will you enhance my business’ web presence?
  • What other work have you previously done?

Answers to any one of these questions should be specific. An SEO firm should be transparent in its proceedings and should be able to illustrate exactly how they perform SEO without any vagueness. They should also be able to show you previous work they’ve done. Don’t be afraid of asking questions. After all, if your website gets penalized because of shady SEO techniques, it’s your business that will suffer for it.

In your decision-making process, you should be aware of who is doing the heavy-lifting at the SEO firm. Although the SEO firms you’re selecting may have veterans with impressive resumes, some larger firms have young college graduates do all the nitty-gritty SEO work for them. It’s good to be aware of who will actually be at the keyboard and overseeing your website.

Looking into an SEO firm can be a daunting and grueling process, yet it’ll be worth the effort once you find the right SEO firm to enhance your web presence.


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