What Your Website Marketing Los Angeles Content Needs to be SEO Friendly

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 6.20.2012


Ask any SEO firm California, and they can tell you all about the algorithm changes made by Google over the years that changed search engine optimization practices – mainly, that of Google Panda and, now, Google Penguin.

Google Panda changed the search algorithms in such a way as to cut back traffic severely from content farms, which, in turn, bolstered the search strength of websites that contained real content. Google Penguin is an update which punished and downgraded websites that do not adhere to Google’s webmaster’s guidelines. Both Panda and Penguin greatly altered the way SEO operates and gains traffic. A great number of websites benefited from these changes, yet not all websites were positively affected.

With both the Panda and Penguin updates, Google offers several suggestions as to what a high quality website entails, and how such websites can thus be ranked higher on the search page. Over time, it has come to the attention of both SEO professionals and professionals in internet marketing Los Angeles that high quality content is likely the most important quality a website

Therefore, building SEO-friendly content on your website is crucial in order to be deemed relevant by advanced and updated search engines. In evaluating your own content for high quality, there are several traits to keep in mind.

First, keep your content fresh. Constantly updating content and time stamps will likely mark you up in search engines. Adding to previous work with updated information on a continuous story, for instance, is a good way to get started. It is also beneficial to refresh the peripheral content surrounding the main articles, such as the headlines, blurbs, and links related to newer content. Additionally, one can boost one’s rankings by building links for both your site and related external sites will give out positive signals to search engines.

Secondly, it is also vital to keep your content original. Farming for content from other sites will lead to a serious downgrade from Google, specifically Panda. Creating original content doesn’t have to be a painstaking chore, since you don’t necessarily have to do it from scratch. If your company does not have the means of creating original content, you may have to outsource writing talent. Making a complex, pre-existing topic easier to understand or presenting it in a different format will give Google good vibes.

Not only should your content be original, but it should also be exhaustive and informative, as professionals of website marketing Los Angeles will tell you. The content should go deep into a specific topic in order to influence trust and loyalty in your readership and keep them coming back for more. The content should explore several angles and points of view of a specified topic.

With Google enhancing their personalized search results, it’s becoming more vital to keep SEO content localized. Keeping content and keywords local will target a specific audience and helps overcome the matrix of problems that comes with personalized search results.

In creating SEO friendly content, make sure that it is consistently updated, fresh and original and informative. Adopting all of these traits for your website contact will get Google’s attention in a positive way and garner you higher rankings.

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