When Internet Links don’t Work, Your Web will not be the Best, Explore on the Benefits of Efficiency and Make it as Interesting as it can be

Staffwriter:  Mary Mussette  aka Mary Jimenez  09/19/2009

One of the worst nightmares for an internet surfer or a webmaster is to have problems with the internet links.  When internet links don’t work there is usually a leak of potential surfers; meaning that when your home page or index entrance is attractive or interesting enough for internet surfers to approach and visit, a broken link will detour them from further surfing the website as well as will cause them to delete the whole visit.


In the end, the fact that internet links don’t work is one of the worst things that any webmaster or website developer could face when building and developing a site.  It does not matter if the website being developed is a blog, a commercial website, a personal one, is being created from scratch or if it is made on a preformatted form.  Any website that intends to have a relative to a huge success has to have interesting web links that will turn them to different areas of the website or to similar or sibling websites.


For example, one of the alternatives in terms of the website links is to have your website that is devoted to the development of the general consciousness linked to a sister site that is devoted to the selling of books online.  Such neighborhood-like attitude will make a diverted advertising for your website that will return you with a landslide of visitors and potential clients.


Of course, the first thing that you need to make sure of is that you create interesting web links.  This creation of interesting web links can be done through graphic means or by creating an expectation placing a reference paragraph that entices the link to which the surfer will be lead to, though normally the use of attractive and animated graphics are usually the tendency for the webmasters and other website builders.


Regardless of the “attention grabber” that you use in the creation of your website and the positioning for the interesting web links that you will be using on your website, you will need to make sure that the link that you are using are also the best Links on the web.  Anyone can surf the internet and choose any of the millions of websites that are up and running to use as interesting links, usually that is the way anyone browses the internet.


However, such activity will not provide you with the content and the attractiveness that you require or should be looking for in what would be the best Links on the web to use for your website.  internet explore links is one of the most popular activities surfers use to explore and expand the knowledge that they have in terms of their own preferences and tastes; so naturally you will want to spice up your internet links not only by using graphic art or motion graphics to enhance and pep-up your website.


Therefore, one of the most common mistakes a person makes when he or she is developing their own interesting web links or linking processes in their website is that they tend to link to pages and websites that are similar in content, target audience or products.  While this is part of a webring (websites that have similar content/target audience/products/goals) it is not the best idea when your products or your goal is to be as competitive as possible and not create a teaching website.


Teaching websites are sites whose sole purpose is to provide knowledge; they do not sell anything, promote anything or encourage people to do anything over anything else.  They might encourage tolerance and acceptance and they can teach do-it-yourself things; but that is all they do and they do it free. Websites that are focused on a profit or a gain should think twice before starting their linking plans with similar sites. Of course, this does not mean that they should not link to online stores or websites that are also looking to make a profit, but steering away from those websites that offer the same line or specifically the same product will be a wise decision.


This comes as a part of the safety feature that a website master or owner should have and consider when he or she is developing the interesting web links on the website.  In the end, the right choice in terms of internet exploration links that you decide to create and make for your website will help you and your online site greatly in terms of attracting or luring web surfers and potential clients.


With all these considerations it is not wise to neglect or perceive that the internet exploring links can be created with any graphics or linking to any website regardless of the content, the perception or the orientation of the website that is going to be hosting the internet links.


Finally, when you have developed your website or the people that work for you have developed the website it is important that you try the links yourself and correct them if there are any internet links that do not work.  Internet links do not work when they have been wrongfully programmed, usually a consequence of a faulty address or even just as simple as a typo.


If you happen to know the correct address to the faulty link you can correct it, however if the problem is on the page itself because it has been torn down or removed from the internet, in such a case, it is important that you either remove the link completely or change the target address for a new address.  Verifying what is the reason why internet links don’t work is an activity that should be carried out by the webmaster or owner of the website at least once a month.


So summarizing, it is important to remember and consider the following rules when it comes to HTML programming:


  • All HTML action codes have an opening and a closing command
  • You must always put the closing command otherwise the actions will not be carried out properly
  • ALL HTML language action codes and passive codes should be typed between the opening symbol of “<” and the closing symbol of “>”
  • The word, phrase or image that you are placing between the HTML action codes will be the direct recipient of the command, if you forget to type the closing command then the action will elongate and cause a serious malfunction on your page or web site.


If you have checked and all these points are correct, then you might want to review and see if you have selected the right HTML code or typed it correctly.  There are many web sites that offer cheat sheets on HTML codes.


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