When it comes to California Search Engine Marketing, what does the word Optimize really mean?

Staff Writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 6.16.2012


In search engine optimization, or SEO, the term ‘optimization’ gets thrown around quite a bit.  Content, websites, pages, forms, click paths, designs, strategies, and links are all getting optimized.  But what does that word really mean when it comes to the search engine marketing company los angeles world? The word gets used countless times that sometimes it starts to seem as though it has no meaning.

Let us use the word in a real life situation, away from the computer technicalities that can confound the average person.  Take, for example, a checkout counter at the grocery store, or any other store for that matter.  Most stores use this tactic.

Stores typically offer an assortment of goodies such as candy, gum, magazines, DVDS, and so on, put on display in a fashionable and colorful manner to get you to notice them on your way out the door.

How many times have you wound up adding one of these items found right before the checkout counter to your purchases, even if they were not going to be a necessary purchase at that moment?  When you walked into the store, you had no intention of buying those particular items.  By placing these items by the counter, the stores that use this ploy are optimizing their products.

More customers who are already making purchases will see these items when they go through checkout line.  The items are fundamentals that shoppers would normally buy anyways, but might not have been on the “To Buy’ list for that day.

This same marketing technique that works in stores also works online.  The end result is the same:  people impulsively go for the bright and colorful, eye catching items.

Like convenience stores optimizing their merchandise, a California search engine marketing company’skey job is to optimize search engines.  This type of job means making it much less complicated to follow a website’s layout.  Optimizing a website means making a website flow, making content easier to read, and allowing readers to better understand the message the website is putting forth.  SEM companies make it easy to find the right sites and to make necessary links to catch viewers’ eye and make them want to click on it.

The best SEO marketing los angeles teams effectively optimize a website by keeping the process simple and direct without needing a map to find the links.  The way to achieve this is not to fill sites with an abundance of keywords; rather, the best practice is to create the right amount and the right content instead and make it noticeable to the internet user.

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