Whether Usborne Links for Internet do Provide Help or Don’t to the Web Master is a Matter of Opinion

STAFF WRITER:  Mary Jimenez a.k.a Mary Mussette  09/19/2009

When you are setting up your web site or you are developing web pages, there is one element that is generally unknown and discarded as un important and this is a big mistake made by most web masters, designers and owners.  internet links don’t provide anything but support and networking much like the web sites of Facebook and tagged can provide humans, in most occasions, when a person embeds links for internet connections, the other people who are the developers of the web sites or web pages that will link to that particular connection will then link back to them.


Internet links do cause some nightmares to neophyte web site builders and designers and this is particularly because for an internet link to actually attract the biggest number of internet surfers it has to be attractive.  In the world outside of the internet there is a marketing figure that might help you understand the way that links for internet webbing work; one of the toughest ways to advertise your product, service or company is through billboards.


Billboard advertising requires you to communicate a thought or an idea in just 30 seconds or less, this is the amount of time that a person who is behind the wheel can distract him or herself without having a car accident.  Therefore, the composition and the general aspect of the billboard has to project and provide the viewer with all the information that he or she might require to find and to adequately select the service or the product that has been advertised over those that constitute their competition.


The same principle applies to link buttons and banners, in just a fraction of time the attention of the surfer has to be caught in such a manner that he or she will be enticed to click on the banner or button and visit the web site or web page that it is linked to.


Internet links don’t communicate their message in 30 seconds, that is way too much time, consider the time it takes you to glance over a bunch of books and select the one that you like in the book store, that is the amount of time that a internet link has to communicate and entice the viewer.  This is one of the less comprehended elements in the creation of a web site or web pages.


Modern day internet links do a big display of charm and activity by being presented as interactive and animated.  The wide variety of graphic designs that are available online and offline raises the bar in terms of how much they can or cannot entice and attract potential surfers to their web site links.


Take the following steps when you want to create a link inside a web site or a page.  While it does not matter what page and where are you going to link it to, the same process will be taken. Just remember that whatever it is that you decide to put in between the commands, whether it is a word, a phrase or an image this selection will be the recipient of the command and the show off point that the surfer will see when he/she visits the website.


  1. Write down so you have a good track of the URL address that you are going to embed
  2. If you are using the HTML editor, write the opening command: <a href=http://www.amazon.com> in this case, the example URL is the web site address for Amazon, but you will replace Amazon’s web site address for the one that you have chosen
  3. If you are using an image you found on a specific web site or page that you like and would love to use, after the opening command write: <img src=http://www.images.com/pup> Once again, you will change the URL address accordingly.
  4. Remember to always close the command by typing </a>


There are many uses for links to the Internet web sites and web pages, one of these uses is placing them as part of the business card.  Naturally, in this case there is no way you can communicate the benefits of the link or of the web site through a clickable button or banner, the link has to be spelled as the URL address.  Nonetheless, it is a good way to entice people to visit the web site and the web pages and, in those cases when they are web masters, designers and owners themselves, to invite them to link their own web sites and web pages to yours.


Sometimes when you have a commercial web site or inside your web site, you have a storefront (meaning that you sell products or services inside it) you will have to determine whether you will be seeking a national market, a local market or will you be taking the leap and making a world wide market search.  If you are just starting with your online business, it is always recommendable that you take on a national market and as such, that you link your web site and your web page to usborne internet links so that you will address and provide for this target market.


Links to the Internet web sites and web pages for those business and commerce, products and services that might complement and add to your product or service is always a good policy.  Nonetheless, acquiring such links will take time and will demand some effort from your side, from the simple surfing on the internet and finding the right links to keeping a close record to which URL is adequate for your web site and which URL should be embedded in which one of the different web pages that constitute your web site.


For everyone keeping track on the different web sites and URLs can be done and usually is done in a very different manner, for some, it will suffice to add the URLs to a particular folder in the bookmark tab on their internet explorer window, regardless if they are using mozilla, acoo, opera or any other explorer program.  To others, it will not suffice until they copy and paste the URL to a specific file in their XLS archive in windows’ office, open office or the similar.


And for the rest of the mortals, it is easier to have a written back up in any given notebook so that, if you need to reboot or format your hard drive all the information that you have on your book marks and preferred URLs will not be lost.  Another alternative is to have an “auto filling” form like Roboform or the always-sinister Gator and download them into an USB flash drive.


Whatever it is the choice that you make and the way that you select to have and to manage as well as handle the URLs that you think are worth having; these links to the Internet web sites and web pages have to be supervised and checked every so often.  Make sure that the links that you have embedded on your web site and web pages are functioning properly and that you will not be directed to an additional third party as well that you will not be showed a 404 error (meaning that the page is no longer active).

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