Why a Search Engine Optimization Service Suggests Using Twitter

Staff Writer: Jessica Ross

Date: 7.19.2012

If you are new to social media marketing, actually if you are new to social media in general, you might not understand why your search engine optimization service suggest that you join the ranks of Twitter.  This social media site not only connects you to potential clients, but potential friends.  Not to mention the latest news and information in your industry, and world news.  It’s all around a great site to be apart of.  Here are different ways you can use Twitter to your advantage.

You can express your extreme love or dislike for something.  It can be about something in your industry.  Not only does this get it out in the open but others can reply and spark a discussion.

You can encourage your followers to ask questions regarding your industry.  You can answer on a blog page connected to your website.  This helps your followers and brings in traffic to your website.  It’s a win-win.  Not only can your followers ask you questions, but you can ask them.  Use them to get a general consensus about topics.

Twitter is great at getting the word out.  Tweet about a new article or blog post you’ve written or even one you’ve read.  It’s a great way to promote yourself as well as others to millions of people within seconds.  It’s good networking practice to not just share your work, but others.  Just remember to not “spam” links to your site or others, moderation is the key.

You can stay connected with friends, family, and customers/clients.  Especially with people you meet at conferences or seminars. Keeping updated with what they are doing is easier with Twitter.  It’s also good for general chatting.   Social media is also about news and gathering information.  It’s important to follow a small group of people.  Follow those that keep you entertained, updated on the things you want to keep track of, and your friends.

Contests are another great way to connect with your followers and bring in more.  The contests can be work related or maybe even something silly?  Offer prizes, discounts, promotions, etc to the winners.  You can do photo contests, question and answer contests, “guess that scene” contests, etc.

The Twitter world is your ouster.  There are so many different ways to connect with your audience.  It’s a way to personalize your business and show your potential clients/customers that you are indeed a human and you have hobbies and interests just like them.  Clients and customers are more willing to buy a product or service if they feel connected to a business.  Social media sites are a great way to do that, since it’s hard to have that “store front” feel on the internet.

This is why search engine optimisation services push for website owners to make a social media account.  Hopefully, you can take away some sort of inspiration and understanding of why social media sites are important to having an online presence.


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