Why Amazing Design is Great for Los Angeles Company SEO

Staff Writer: Brjden Crewe

Date: 8.30.2012


If you’re looking for a great way to attract backlinks and increase user engagement in the process, creative and innovative design is the way to go. Very often, the practitioners involved with SEO companies in Los Angeles end up focusing on the technical aspects of building links forgetting the basic appeals of the pages they’re suppose to promote. Though most will always choose substance over style, attractive web design goes a long way towards helping the stats of organic backlinks.



Great 1-Page Websites

CMS is generally necessary these days in order to keep everything organized because websites today have become so complex. However, using a 1-page website for announcements, portfolios, and a small list of web applications have their rolls as well. Creating a 1-page website that’s attractive, professional and leaves an impression on your users is a great challenge, but worth the effort. Design for a minimal webpage is a tricky thing to pull off, but the advantages are that it focuses the attention of the reader on one specific topic, but you can only squeeze so much information on one page. A 1-page website will have to be very strategic when it comes to choosing the right information and images assigned.





The versatility of infrographics has been a great way to help build backlinks and luckily, there’s never been an easier time to create and build quality composition. The best infographics gives a small amount of statistics as well as some sneaky graphics that tell a story. Successful infographics heavily rely on choosing the right elements. Also, there are many free tools at your disposal online like Visual.ly that helps build attractive infographics.

Statistical & Interactive Infographics

Statical infographics are good, but interactive infographics are a better way attract readers and get backlinks. Interactive elements are being mixed into infographics more often for better user and value. Web applications make creating interactive infographic so much easier.

Competition Creates Backlinks

Good design in a non-commercial platform is a great way to raise your profile and get some backlink hits from readers. Things like publishing guest posts on websites are brilliant ways to boost your site’s visibility and gain backlinks. Competitive CSS is another great way to make your site obtain links naturally for Los Angeles company SEO gains.

Design In Perspective

It is important that the most incredible web design will never make up for bad content on your site. Make sure that your infographics are accurate and helpful as well. Never overly promote your ulterior backlink motives when in competition. So although great web design can ultimately end up being effective, give your time and effort equally to your infographics.

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