Why an Internet Marketing Company California Should Care about Stories

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson


Date: 7.22.2012




Storytelling stands as one of the oldest forms of communication out there, and for good reason. Stories have motivated, inspired and taught people about life from different perspectives since the very advent of communication. Storytelling is still just as meaningful as it has always been, and here are several reasons why an internet marketing company California should implement great stories into a marketing campaign.


Stories create meaning for people in order to understand life from another’s perspective. With a great story, you can place facts within a story’s structure so that it becomes resonant, as California SEO services can attest.


For example, a 7-year-old girl with a terminal bacterial illness took a newly released shot, became completely cured over three months time, and was about to star in her school play. From merely a factual perspective, this story is about the new injection that cured a once incurable disease. The anecdote of the 7-year-old girl gives the injection context and meaning, thus making it just as useful as the fact itself; the girl being able to star in the new play gives the fact power and makes it more significant than just the fact about the injection alone.


Marketers should strive to have such meaning in their own campaigns. Just having facts won’t resonate nearly as much if there isn’t a meaningful story built around it that exhibits a brand’s personal values.


Stories not only exhibit meaning, but they can also allow us to create our own meaning. People being told stories also sometimes like to come to their own conclusions and figure out outcome on their own time. This principle attracts an audience because people like to make their own unique interpretations of things. Although advertising can sometimes go out of its way to tell people what they’re all about, customers may not believe you or simply take your word for it. A good storyteller will simply spell out what happens and doesn’t tell you what to think or feel.


Stories can also be relatable. People tend to be drawn to stories because they can see themselves within the action. By feeling identified in the story, people feel recognized and heard. Oftentimes, you see a brand’s advertisement so focused on creating its own identity that it forgets to relate to the customer. A good form of brand identification help a prospective consumer relate to what a brand stands for. If you’re branding for a specific kind of audience, help them understand that your brand is exactly what they need because you understand them.


Storytelling is different from a marketing campaign, in that there isn’t a specific objective to make X amount of dollars or to sell to X amount of people. Storytelling starts with an authentic desire to share and express. Authenticity is key to good advertising, even if it can’t exactly measure your selling rates. A lack of authenticity is a contributor to the problem of consumer bitterness over advertising.


Learning about great storytelling is as great of a benefit as guerilla marketing Los Angeles for all marketers. To understand more about the storytelling process, there are a great deal of books dedicated to the art of storytelling that can be of great use to you, such as John Gardner’s The Art of Fiction: Notes on Craft for Young Writers.

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