Why an SEO Agency Should Hire a Marketing Intern Who Has Studied Direct Marketing Los Angeles

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson


Date: 7.22.2012




It’s not a bad idea for SEO companies in California to consider taking a marketing intern under its wing. Not only are interns cost-effective, but they can bring fresh ideas, enthusiasm and outside business smarts to your internet marketing company California. There are several other features that a good marketing intern can bring to your business.

A couple features that most good marketing interns will have is internet savvy and social media prowess. You can have your marketing intern set up social media accounts for your business, if you don’t have them already. If your business doesn’t have a Twitter or Facebook account, a marketing intern can help you manage those accounts and keep your loyal customers posted. Thanks to a marketing intern, you can exponentially increase your web presence and marketing to a whole range of new clients, as well as further establishing your relationships with current clients.

Marketing students are being trained on all the latest updates in cutting-edge social media. Marketing students are aware of latest trends and fads on the internet, and can best point you to the best internet strategy for your company.

A good marketing intern with some experience in direct marketing Los Angeles will be eager and go the extra distance to help your company. The intern is pursuing a career in your industry, and will want to gain the experience and eventually be hired within the industry, which is why they’ll be your very smart “golden retriever” for the months they serve you. Your intern isn’t there to put money in the table, since at an internship is usually unpaid; your intern is there because she believes in your company.

Interns also have energy on their side. The energetic and enthusiastic intern may sound like a cliché, but it’s a very real thing. Interns haven’t been burnt out by years of hard work at the same job. They don’t have the anxieties and exhaustion that business owners frequently go through. The energy interns provide can be a source of inspiration for current employees and business owners.

If you treat your intern well and give her insight into your business, she will become your business’ advocate by providing word of mouth. An intern’s word of mouth to anyone who will listen to put more eyes and ears on your company, and even garner your some new clients.

On the other hand, your intern won’t become your greatest advocate if all you have her do it get coffee and fill out lunch orders. Interns are looking for mentors, not just busy work. They are looking for field experience that they can’t find inside a classroom. Make sure you have an open communication with your intern and that your goals for the internship are clear. Ask the intern what she’s looking for out of this internship.

If your marketing intern goes above and beyond the call of duty, you may want to hire her as an in-house employee. This is especially beneficial, as it cuts down the work it takes to give interviews of prospective employees and instead allows you to hire someone whose work habits you’re already very familiar with. Plus, you’ll be saving time on training, as your intern will already be trained on the job.

When you’ve decided that a marketing intern is clearly a great idea for your business, you’ll have to invest time just as much as the intern. Your time should be invested in crafting a description of intern duties and considering your mentorship. If you hire a great intern, however, then this time will be well invested for you and your business.

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