Why Content Can be Uninteresting and What Los Angeles Advertising Agencies Can Do to Fix It

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson


Date: 8.22.2012




Of course you want to keep your content engaging, but sometimes it takes a third eye from Los Angeles advertising agencies to really tell you whether your content is even interesting. Even the best of us can sometimes write articles on something we consider interesting, only to have the writing style and execution come out flat and boring. All boring content shares several traits in common, as any consultant in internet marketing Los Angeles will tell you, so do your best to avoid them and put some spice into your content.


One reason as to why content can become dull is due to repetition. This can happen especially if you have a consistent content publishing schedule, according to marketing expert Joe Pulizzi of Marketing Smarts. Pulizzi goes on to explain that once you set a content marketing strategy in place, it gets easy to repeat yourself in your professional advice, whether it be advice, factual information or industry logistics on social media marketing Los Angeles.


One could argue that the reason repetition can become so commonplace in a content marketing plan is because of search engine optimization. Search engine optimization usually places emphasis on creating as much content as possible on one possible subject.


For instance, if you wish to rank high in Google searches as an authority on car insurance information and advice, your site’s optimization will require you have a lot of content and articles on car insurance. Sometimes, when writing a large amount of content under one subject, the chances of repeating yourself will increase, even if you cover a lot of issues surrounding car insurance.


Another common problem that leads to boring content is with the story: either you lack one or the story isn’t worthwhile. A well-told story will interest and engage the reader.


But how will you be able to tell whether your story is any good? For one, good stories from a human place and let people know that you personally care for your customers as well as the people you work for. A story that is not engaging would include strictly product descriptions, features and benefits. Basically, a story that solely serves to drive sales won’t be interesting.


Yet another reason to consider as to why content can be boring is that a brand forgets to view their content from a publisher and customer standpoint. While most businesses focus primarily on selling a product or service, publishers focus on how to grab and keep the attention of an audience. A brand can do this by knowing what an audience wants and giving it to them in interesting ways, such as a guerrilla campaign or a clever viral marketing campaign.


Now that you know what causes dull content, you can turn around and add some spice to make it less boring.


First, it’s better to stop talking than it is to repeat yourself. If someone has said something relevant in better words than you have, then share it. In the meantime, think up something new to talk about..


Second, tell an engaging story. Stories are successful if people can relate to them in a meaningful, human way. Good stories also excite and surprise a reader. The stories should also be about your customer or what they want to be.


It’s important to remember in your content marketing campaign, you content will inevitably be tied to your business endgame, so sometimes boring content may naturally come out of that end. It’s your duty, therefore, to make your content as engaging as it possibly can be.

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