Why Internet Agency Web Sites With A Called On Service Are Some Of The Best Providers to Clients

lolajane, Staff Writer October 7, 2009

Agency web sites are a great place to start when selecting an advertising agency to promote your business. The site of an agency on the web will give you a general idea of what services the agency provides and how best to contact them. Legitimate agencies will also have a brief synopsis of their mission statement and company goals. By placing a few well-worded paragraphs on the agency’s homepage, the agency can let potential clients know exactly what services they will attempt to provide for them. The approach used by the agency will be outlined in terms that may range from vague to precise. If the agency you are looking at only lays out their strategy in vague terms, do not be alarmed. If every company set forth their entire approach for the public to view on the web, there would be no need to purchase their services. This is not uncommon and should not be a reason to disqualify an agency’s services.


Agencies that have a history of success may also include testimonials from previous clients. These stories can let potential clients know just how an ideal situation will play out. You can be sure that failed attempts at helping a company will be omitted. This means that you need to do your homework and investigate an agency through more than one source. Advertising agencies are very good at putting a positive spin on things. Even if the company is not the best in the business in regards to creating an increase in sales for their clients, they may appear to be incredible on their web site. Because of this, potential clients need to examine the numbers behind their work. Statistics indicating how traffic, customers, and sales were increased for a specific company should be available by request from an agency.


Testimonials are also a great frame of reference. If a company with a similar marketing goal and background has been helped by the agency in the past, odds are the agency can help your company too. Conversely, if the agency caters to dissimilar companies, you may want to choose an agency with a bit more experience in your field. The types of companies helped in the past should not be an automatic disqualification, though. A good agency will be able to adapt to most any type of business, but a proven track record never hurts. If you cannot find an agency that has helped a company similar to yours, think outside of the box. Agencies with a successful past and a bright staff may be able to help your company as well, even if the field is new to them.


Websites have many purposes, and an agency’s website is no different. Between asserting a web presence and creating an easy way to contact the company at the consumer’s leisure, websites are a necessary tool for competing in the international marketplace. If the perfect agency counterpart for your company is in Beijing and you are in New York, you will be at a severe disadvantage if that company does not have a web presence. With a website, not only can you more easily find and contact the agency, you can keep in touch with the ease of a few clicks of your keyboard.

Agencies will oftentimes want to learn more about the people who frequent your site. An agency called on Internet service provides to companies that are looking to optimize their website‘s traffic and, ultimately, business. Called on services prompt customers to answer a question or two and use the information to increase the amount of quality customers. With proper placement, such as when consumers first log on to a site, or as they are checking out, you can determine what sort of individuals frequent your site. The agency then can use this information in order to determine how to improve your site. For example, an agency may be curious to discover what age groups are visiting your site. If your products target young adults, yet the majority of your traffic is middle aged, the agency has some work to do. You will either need to change your product line, or change your company’s online image.


This strategy of gaining information makes sense when considering the fact that one of the major purposes of a website is to educate. It is a two way street though, consumers are educated along with agencies. While consumers gain information on your company and products, you will want to learn something about your customers. The more you discover about the people buying your products, the more you will be able to increase your sales. Strengthening your company’s position in the marketplace is vital in these times of fierce competition. By creating a list of the demographics most likely to pay for your services and then attracting them to your site, an agency is doing you a great service.


Finally, a website may be just the starting point in your search for an agency that will make you successful. Even if you do not find what you are looking for with the first agency, the agency may be able to direct you in the right direction. Through links to other sites and by personal contact with agency staff, you can sometimes find exactly what you are looking for. If the first agency does not work out for you, do not worry. There is an agency out there for your company. Ask your contact at the first agency if they know of any other agencies out there that might be a better match. You never know, it might lead you directly to the agency that will quickly boost your sales.

Agency web sites are a great beginning, but it is only through contact with them and a better look at their methods and past successes that you will determine if they are the right matches for your company. It pays to do your homework here, research many different agencies prior to committing to one. There are many agencies out there; you will eventually find the one for you and your company. You can do this by performing the necessary search for an Internet web site agency through your local phone book, via the Internet or by word of mouth from other business owners.

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