Why Marketers Should Consider Agile Marketing in Email Marketing Los Angeles

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 6.06.2012


The recent emergence of agile marketing comes from the latest developments in software, digital media and email marketing Los Angeles. Marketing firms are just starting to recognize the power of agile marketing. But what exactly is agile marketing?

Marketing firms in Los Angeles generally define agile marketing as a process of marketing inspired by agile software development, which utilizes an iterative and incremental method of developing and managing projects. With the emergence of tablets, smartphones, email, readers and content marketing, marketers are now starting to consider both the processes and principles of agile development and applying it to marketing as agile marketing.

Marketers who worked closely with agile software developers have considered starting to use this practice for their own business in marketing and online advertising Los Angeles. Marketers are still developing this concept, however, although there are still a number of good reasons to implement agile marketing.

One reason to use agile marketing is that it allows for faster results. Agile marketing shortens time cycles in any give project, thus creating more time for other projects or improving upon current ones, in the case that current ones become flawed. Also, because we are living in the age of digital and social network media, every message is delivered fast and up to the minute, and marketers need to keep up. Marketers simply need to respond in real time in order to be the most efficient.

The small time frame that agile marketing requires also allows for marketers to more clearly set their priorities. Agile marketing thus ensures that the most important work gets done first, after reevaluating the scope of their work over a small period of time.

One important aspect of agile marketing is engagement. Engagement not only within the company, between higher-up executives and other marketers and analysts, and engagement between marketing firms and customers is very important. Agile marketing narrows the scope business goals, thus making communication clearly to both business partners and to customers.

Agile marketing also forces a marketing firm to stay relevant. The setting of priorities under a small time table and the transparency of the process forces a marketing firm to shift and be adaptable to constantly changing times. For example, if a viral video is posted on the Internet that give a negative backlash to one of your brands, you must respond and quickly.

Much of the concept of agile marketing is still very new, so marketers are still trying to figure out how to best implement it. Several tips from the leading marketers may help lead the way into a new agile marketing era.

For one, make a very basic annual marketing plan that can be amended. Because the times are constantly changing, the rules can easily change and your customers could easily alter their game plans before you know it. Don’t be afraid to cut marketing programs that are no longer relevant to your reformed plan. Secondly, don’t be too afraid to fail. We all make mistakes in marketing. Just make sure you don’t make the same mistakes twice.

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