Why Rel=Author is Used by a Search Engine Optimization Agency

Staff Writer: Jessica Ross

Date: 7.13.2012


Google’s Authorship is a new feature and one that a search engine optimization agency should think about setting up for their clients.  This program has extra cool features for its users.  Those that use Rel=Author have their listing with a photo of themselves in the search results.  Google is picky about who joins the ranks of this program, do not get discouraged just read the guidelines and keep submitting. Google’s Authorship will indeed help boost your chances of receiving more traffic.

Since it’s a new program, its constantly being tweaked.  The directions given by Google can be a bit discouraging, but it is extremely easy to implement.  Just be sure to read carefully and don’t get ahead of yourself.


Basically, to use Rel=Author you need to have a Google page and have it linked to your site or specifically your About Me, if you have one.  Once you have this it’s as easy as linking your name to your Google page in the by-line using the Rel=Author code. Remember to return to old posts to add the code.  More pages linked will help boost your numbers.  Sites with multi-authors can still use this program.  The directions are just a little more complicated.

Adding this code will make your page stand out from the crowd.  People would sooner click the link with a photo then without.  Having Google’s Authorship is like having their stamp of approval to the viewer.  It’s much more appealing.  This feature also shows how many have you in their Google+ circles and has a link that drops down to show more topics that either reference your site or are to your other posts.   If this program is set up correctly your page will show up regardless if the user is logged into a Google account or not.  All search engine optimization experts should look into using this for their clients.  It’s well worth adding to websites as it will definitely boost your traffic.

If you still aren’t convinced that joining the Google+ crowd will benefit your website, try it out.  There’s a way you can check out how many times your page shows up in the search results, how many times someone has clicked on your links, and  other details that will spark your interest.  The tab is in your Webmasters Tool account under “labs.”

Of course Google’s reasons for starting this program, are anything but out of the sheer kindness of their heart.  The more who use this feature, the more people start to use their new “baby.”  Google’s selfishness shouldn’t deter you, the advantages are immense for anyone who work to create online content.  This incentive to use Google+ is a wonderful one.  It benefits both parties involved.  Websites get a bump up to the top in search results and Google gets more people interested in their own social media site.


It’s a win-win.  Rel-Author is just another step to take in optimizing your website and ensuring traffic flow to your webpage.


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