Why Search Engine Optimization Services Should Focus on Customer Service

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 7.16.2012


As is true with any company and especially search engine optimization services, customer service is a vital function that keeps your customers happy and loyal. Customers won’t come back for your services or products unless they happy with the results of speaking with your customer service department. Your customers want the assurance that you will back your word and will assist them with any concern or questions they may have.


With so many companies conducting businesses on the Internet, a customer’s concern deepens about whether their personal needs are met. There are yet several more reasons websites should continue to put an enhanced focus on customer service.


First, your customer service could be what sets you apart from the competition. In a field where the pricing and product could be equal, a consumer’s choice may narrow down to how secure they feel in the hands of your company. The one and arguably only way to reinforce a consumer’s need for security is with solid customer service.


Customer service is also vital for Internet merchants, as a person often cannot go to a store in-person for their concerns in regards to a product purchased on the Internet. When a customer contacts you via email or phone in regards to their concerns, you should address those concerns as soon as possible, especially since the Internet operates with distance between people and unknown immediacy.


Another reason for customer services is the sheer volume of online transactions occurring everyday, particularly through search engine optimization services. The more commerce a website handles, the more likely there will be a slip-up with the shipment, whether it be incorrect billing, wrong address or the wrong items shipped. A strong customer service team will be able to handle the influx of calls to correct these mishaps.


If the customer service of your website is poor, word will get around fast. With the days of viral campaigns and social networkings, a message can get around like wildfire. You online reputation can be ruined very quickly by a bad review on the Internet.


The Internet is a very wide pool with lots of competitors working out in the open, each one giving it their all and contributing stiff competition. Because of this stiff competition, consumers have high expectations for online vendors. Get an extra leg-up in the competition by being the online business with amazing customer service.


Many companies outsource their customer service reps to other countries, which is why consumers view customer service reps poorly. If you must outsource your customer service reps, make sure they are wonderful at it, with no missed translations or gaps in communications.


There’s no excuse why a customer should not be able to find your contact information. Being available via any and every communication avenue, including phone, email, Skype, online chat and more, will ensure that customer service concerns are addressed in a way where communication is performed on the customer’s own terms.


Customer service is instrumental to any business. If performed well, you customer service can serve to contribute well to your bottom line.

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