Why Should a Photo Marketing Strategy & Incentive Strategies Be Implemented by an Organization

Staff Writer: Max smith

Date: 09/23/2009

A marketing strategy is centered on the customer satisfaction as a main goal. It allows various organizations to focus its limited resources on the best opportunity to increase its sales. This also enables the company to achieve a competitive advantage over its competitors, which is at the same time sustainable by the company. Every business needs a strategy for marketing products or services if it is to succeed in its chosen venture. Without it, there is no clear process in which to base its plans for being the dominating force in a chosen area or niche.


Marketing strategies are usually planned secretly except if it has the purpose of deceiving the competition to think that it is the real plan of action by a company. In reality, it will be doing a different scheme, most often the exact opposite of the fake strategy. These strategies for marketing are among the most tightly guarded secrets in a company’s file. Anyone revealing or passing the strategies over to the competition is in danger of a sanction or even worse, termination and legal actions against the offending party.


A good strategy for marketing utilizes a firm’s resources and energy on a focused action that can lead to sales increase and dominance over its competitors. It combines all aspects of marketing like relationship management, pricing, promotion and product development to obtain the desired results. The proper amount of each element involved in the combination often determines the success of a company strategy. Too little or too much of a particular marketing element may destroy the whole plan and spell disaster to the company employing it.


At its discretion, a particular company may employ an incentive program to create customer loyalty, increase sales performance and improve motivation of the sales force. These programs are ascribed many names by each organization that employs it but all of these programs have a common goal, which is to give rewards as a means of gaining an employee, contractor or customer loyalty. An incentive marketing strategy offers gifts and cash rewards or other useful items to a party that exhibited extraordinary diligence in his dealings with a particular company or client. Due to the tough nature of competition, many companies employ extraordinary tactics and methods to earn a person’s trust and increase its sales volume.


Giving an incentive for patronizing a particular firm is often the only way to gain repetition of the business. Employees are also benefited by a company incentive program. It is for the reason that it should be the employees’ loyalty the company must earn first prior to giving attention to the contractors or consumers. This is important since an employee will have lack of enthusiasm at work or even show animosity towards his company if he or she feels lack of compensation or appreciation from the organization to where he or she belongs.


Incentive marketing for consumers on the other hand is used mainly to catch their attention and ensure repeat business with him. Strategies on marketing for consumers are often focused on giving then cash rewards, gifts or other incentives if they patronize a company’s product or service. This, combined with a company effort to provide constantly good quality product or service results to costumer loyalty which all marketing brands hope to achieve but only a few managed to earn. Companies that have been successful employing their consumer incentive programs enjoy costumer brand loyalty even years after the program was conducted and even after better brands appeared on the consumer market. This fact proves that consumers retain their loyalty most to the brand or company that has been impressed in their subconscious mind. Moreover, a marketing strategy is more impressionable if the input comes from an image that is often done through photo marketing.


However, photos do not sell themselves so employing a marketing plan for it is necessary. Unlocking the secrets of photo marketing can be quite difficult especially with issues about self-promotion. There are Internet resources that can be tapped to help a photographer gain insights about his worries. A photographer is usually ignorant about marketing facts due to the dissimilarity of the two subjects. A great plan for photo marketing combines these two very different subjects into one advantageous mode of action, which will help photo enthusiasts or promoters market their pictures to the targeted market.

The people that are most qualified to do a search engine optimization of your marketing strategies are those that have a good background in sales. There must be a good number in your own organization and tapping their sales skills for creating a website presentation will be to your great advantage. They are the ones who know how to entice people to patronize your products or services. They know the language that people use on the streets, and incorporating them on a good sales article published on your website, together with some illustrating photos to match should do the trick.

Not all marketing strategies are the same since a particular company creates a marketing strategy that is peculiar to its own marketing needs and requirements. However, there are common grounds in which all of these marketing schemes are similar. The first category is often termed as market dominance in which a particular strategy is based on the stature that a company would enjoy the particular market niche.


There are three sub types of strategies in this particular category namely leader, challenger and follower. The second category is termed as porter generic strategy in which the strategy is based on the strategic horizon and strength. There is also the so-called innovation strategy in which the course of action deals with the company’s assessment of a new product development and innovation on a business model. It generally queries the company’s present position on business innovation technology. It has three sub categories: pioneers, close followers and late followers.


Lastly, there is the category called growth strategies. How the firm grows is the premise in which the scheme bases its assumptions. Each respective company has a different method of answering this assumption but the most common are vertical integration, horizontal integration and diversification. Choosing which one is the best depends on the company’s decision on issues concerning marketing future and scope of operation.

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